How to reverse ceiling fan direction no switch

How to reverse ceiling fan direction no switch. You can control the fan direction using a remote control.

You can also manually set the pitch of the blade, as this will reverse the airflow. Without a switch, the best is to use the remote control and set it in reverse.

I had my ceiling fan in the normal direction at first, but my brother wanted it in the reverse direction. So I wanted it to change the direction to reverse, but I remembered that there was no switch for the fan.

I couldn’t find it either. My little brother started crying, and then I had to look for reverse direction fan tricks.

The tricks of the fan reversing were simple, and I made my brother stop crying with the setting of the fan. The fan worked in the reverse direction smoothly.

How to reverse ceiling fan direction no switch

The fan in the reverse direction has its own use, like its use in the normal direction.

You can get the fan direction easily with its switch, but if you lose the switch, you will be annoyed as you won’t know how t change the duration without the switch.

Not a lot of people know about the fan direction changing without the switch.

The trick with manual changing is the blade. YOu can change the blade pitch to change the fan’s direction. You can use the remote of the fan to change the direction to reverse. Read more below!



The first thing to having a fan that can reverse is to know if the fan actually reverses or not. Not all fans can reverse and spin in the opposite direction.

Check your manual and if you are sure that your fan can spin in the opposite direction. Now that you are sure about having a reverse fan, you can start spinning it in the opposite direction.

The first thing is definitely the switch on the wall, but sometimes there is no reverse switch for the fan on the wall.

So without the switch, other options to reverse the fan are brought to light. The first fan reversing trick brings out the remote instead of the switch.

The switch was present on the wall, and the switch would stay there, but the remote is much more convenient, and some people use the remote more than the switch.

However, the downfall of the remote is that you have to change the batteries from time to time. The changing of the direction of the fan is very simple.

There are buttons on the fan’s remote that are already labeled. You can press the button labeled as reverse or the reverse sign.

Simply pressing the button will do the trick, and you will be able to enjoy your fan in the reverse direction.

You can set the direction back from the remote to which it was as well. The remote is pretty easy because of the buttons labeled on it. Remote will probably work.

Blade switch

blade switch

If you do not have a remote, then you are facing a crisis. As it was fine without the switch but not even having a remote, things are getting tougher for you to reserve your fan.

You need another trick to reverse your fan and make it spin smoothly. The trick for reversing the fan involves the blade pitch., The blade pitch can be used to switch the direction of the fan to reverse.

There are vertical down switches and horizontal down switches, so their turning is a bit different. You will find the vertical and horizontal switching below.

To start the change, the fan should be turned off as you don’t want to hurt your fan. I mean, break the fan. Wait until the blades of the fans stop completely.

Blades are the wings of the fan. Get something so you can reach the housing. You can use a stepping bench or an indoor stair for that. After getting on, locate the direction switch.

The direction switch will be in a single direction, but you need to switch to the other direction to reverse it. The switch direction can be different in vertical and horizontal direction switches.

In the case of horizontal direction switches, Switch it to the left side for the airflow to be don ward and the right to be its reverse.

In the case of vertical switches, turn the switch downward for the airflow to be down. The reverse is also clear. Now get down and turn the fan on. It’ll move correctly.

Reason to switch

reason to switch

The reasons for changing the direction of the fan can be different. You may have summer and hot water, so you want to switch the direction as it was set for winter.

In summer, the direction of the fans should be counter-clockwise as the fan push cool air that way.

While in other seasons, as it’s less hot than in the summer, you can turn the fan in a clockwise direction and even set the speed of the fan with the switch.


If you think that your fan can reverse, but you just lack a switch to turn the fan and change the direction of the fan, there are ways to reverse the fan’s direction even without a switch.

You can change the direction blade pitch or use a remote to change the direction. Thanks for reading!

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