Ceiling fan light flickering

Ceiling fan light flickering. The ceiling fan serves two purposes: it circulates airflow or illuminates your area. Whenever that ceiling fan quits performing one of these functions, it can be highly inconvenient. A flickering ceiling fan light does not usually cause concern, but that can suggest broader electrical problems.

Incongruent, outdated, or weak light bulbs could be the source of your flickering ceiling fan light. The building may well have ancient light switches, fixtures, or even a faulty current limit.

The lights could be fluttering due to overload connections or loose wires, and these are both very problematic issues.

A variety of factors can trigger your ceiling fan led to blink. Not many of the explanations must be a purpose for concern right away.

Ceiling fan light flickeringceiling fan light flickering (solved)

Here are some significant flaws.

Incompatible light bulb

Many lights operate well using light fittings than rivals. Fluorescence bulbs flicker as a result of thermal fluctuations, aging, and warm-up processes.

If you have fluorescent bulbs in-home light fixtures, try replacing them with standard or LED bulbs.

Overloaded Circuitsoverloaded circuits

If you see your lights flickering whenever a more significant device is turned on, your circuit is most likely overburdened.

A sufficient current will enable numerous things in your household to run simultaneously without causing any problems.

Inadequate current cause your refrigerator to turn on and your ceiling fan lights to flicker. Your present connection is overloaded, and there isn’t enough power to be out there.

This also suggests that larger appliances and your lights are connected to the same circuit, not the case.

Loose light bulbs

If the lighting of the ceiling fan is flashing, it could be due to a faulty light bulb. If a light bulb isn’t plugged in tightly enough, the vibration from the fan can lead it to relax and flicker.

Switch off the lights in that socket to fix a broken light bulb. Wear protective gloves or allow the light bulbs to calm down (if you’re using LEDs, which don’t emit heat).

Replace all stray incandescent fixtures and provide the tight ones with an added twist for comparison purposes.

Old switchesold switches ceiling fan

If you’ve adjusted all of the light bulbs in your ceiling fan, but they’re still flickering, the problem could be the lightbulb.

Dimmer controls used in older homes are occasionally unsuitable with newer bulbs.

Examine the ratings on the dimmer switch and light bulbs if you have one. A mismatched set can cause flickering.

Old light bulbsold light bulbs

When we’ve used incandescent light bulbs in your ceiling fan for a lot longer, its lifespan could be the issue.

When light bulbs are about to burn out, lights can appear to flicker.

That is more prevalent with fluorescent bulbs than with modern Lights.

Fix your issue

Now you can fix your problem as you know the reason now.

Loose wiringloose wiring

If you have an issue with the cabling or it is ancient, the bulbs in your home may be flickering. Contact an electrician after you’ve exhausted all other options.

Electricians can fix or restore faulty wiring. Weak wiring can quickly cause fire hazards. Thus it must be repaired. If left addressed, faulty cabling would cause further flickering.

Unburden the load on the circuit

Upgrade your present bulbs with reduced LED bulbs to reduce the strain on the circuit. LEDs use less energy than conventional or fluorescent bulbs.

To figure out which device is starting to cause the flickering, turn each one on it at the circuit breaker. Contact an electrician once you’ve determined the source of the flicker. An expert can add a circuit to isolate that item from your lights.

Be warned that an overused circuit breaker might be hazardous and result in an electrical problem. On a somewhat serious note, an overused circuit breaker can potentially cause harm to your devices.


In this article, we discussed each significant cause of ceiling fan light flickering, as well as potential treatments so that you may fix them yourself.

Ceiling fan light flickers when fan is on

Your flickering ceiling light could be caused by a variety of things. If old light bulbs are the issue, consider replacing them with new energy-efficient ones.

Your home may also need to have its wiring and switches and fixtures checked and replaced as needed. The lights may only be flickering because your circuits or wiring is having some trouble, but this is more serious than confused ceiling fans!

Lights flicker when changing fan speed

A loose connection in the fan connections may be the source of the issue. The fluctuating current draw causes a voltage drop when the fan is up to speed, but once the connection is corrected from a loose part, or a bad connection in a driver, or a bad circuit in a driver, voltage returns and the lamp starts working again.

Ceiling fan light flashing harbor breeze

The bulb’s wattage is too low. You can increase the wattage by picking a higher intensity to fill the room with brightness!

Ceiling fan light comes on then goes off

Most newer fans have electronics inside the light kit area that help control and coordinate the different modes of lighting.

The relay or capacitor is faulty and causing the problem with certain light kits like strobe lights, for instance.

These same electronics are responsible for about a half-second delay when turning on the light.

For most people, this doesn’t make a difference but if it bothers you, simply contact your fan manufacturer to obtain new replacement electronics needed to control the lights effectively without any issue!

Ceiling fan light won’t stay on

One reason a remote may work when it’s not supposed to be distance. Sometimes, remote controls work when they aren’t directly pointed at the device they’re meant to control and, like magnifying glasses, can sometimes focus sunlight and start fires!

This type of event could also occur with your wireless ceiling fan.

Ceiling fan lights popped and won’t work

If you see sparks coming from the ceiling fan housing, this may indicate that there’s a short circuit in the wiring. If this happens, you should turn off the breaker to avoid further damage before disassembling it.

After doing so, you may find that it’s tripped already, which is what it’s supposed to do when a short circuit occurs.

How to fix a flickering ceiling fan light

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