How to clean ceiling fan in bathroom

How to clean ceiling fan in bathroom. We all are well aware of ceiling fans, as we are getting old by seeing them in our homes, rooms, and in our bathrooms.

The purpose of a ceiling fan is to spread and circulate the air in a room or where it’s installed. As it is mounted in the ceiling, its blades spread and circulate the air properly.

The small fan in the ceiling of the bathroom is very necessary because it throws away the smell,  aerial pollutants, and steam of air.

If a fan is covered with dust, then its working efficiency is also decreased. It is better to clean your ceiling fan bathroom once a month so that it works properly.

If the ceiling fan is not cleaned with time, then mold and fungus will churn out on it, and these are very bad health issues.

They also cause overheating, which results in fire. A bathroom ceiling fan can be cleaned by following the steps.

How to clean ceiling fan in bathroomclean ceiling fan in bathroom

Due to years of continuous use of the fan. The dirt gathers and creates a thick layer of it around it. This causes a hindrance in the functionality of the machine. Thus we should clean it from time to time.

The first thing is to turn off the electric supply, so you are not in danger. Then we start the cleaning with the cover.

After carefully doing that, move on to clean the motor. Following are the steps applicable for cleaning.

Necessary tools for cleanliness

In cleaning the ceiling fan of the bathroom, we need different tools like a screwdriver, soft brush, vacuum cleaner with an attached brush, pressed air can, and small-fiber cloth.


Self-safety should be first priority of everyone. As the bathroom ceiling fan works on electricity and different wires are attached to it so, make sure to switch off the power supply before cleaning the fan. Otherwise, you can face an electric shock.

Clean the opening cover of the fanclean the opening cover of the fan

After switching off the power supply, remove the outer cover of the fan carefully because it is normally made up of plastic.

Some bathroom ceiling fans also light, so disconnect their wires before opening the cover of the fan.

Wash the bathroom fan cover with water and soap

Dust on the cover can be easily removed by washing it in the sink with water and soap. We can scrub the dust and debris with the help of a small brush. It is very necessary to wash all the dust off the cover because it stops the passage of air.

Remove the dust from the fan

You can drag out the dust on a motor with the help of a vacuum cleaner and brush attachment.remove the dust from the fan

Do it with a light touch so that it does not break something. After this, you can also wipe the remaining dust on the fan with the help of a small fiber cloth.

Clean the motor of the fan

If you want complete cleanliness of the ceiling fan, then with using a can of compressed air and a small brush. All blades of the motor can be wiped out with a small brush.

Clean the casing

Dust and other insects are also trapped in the housing and brackets of fans. With the help of a duster and vacuum, you can remove debris on brackets

Reinstall the exhaust fan

After the complete cleanliness of the fan and cover, it’s time to rejoin all the parts together. Put all the things back to their pace and tight the screws with a screwdriver and slightly push the cover back to its original place.


What is the advantage of the cleanliness of the ceiling fan in the bathroom?

It removes all the dust and insects on the fan, which affects the passage of air through the fan.

How much time cleaning the bathroom ceiling fan is necessary?

It is better to clean the bathroom ceiling fan once a month so that it works effectively.


A ceiling fan is an important part of bathrooms as it removes the smell and pollutants through the bathrooms but the point to note is that its cleanliness after a month is very important for the removal of dust and debris on it.

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