How to replace a ceiling fan with a light fixture

If you have an old ceiling fan attached to your roof, you may have it replaced with a beautiful light fixture. The most convenient steps are mentioned in the article by which you can replace the fan with a light fixture.

How to replace a ceiling fan with a light fixturehow to replace a ceiling fan with a light fixture

Firstly, break off the electricity from your house by having your circuit breaker turned off.

Make sure that you have proper alternatives for electricity after having the main circuit suspended.

Get rid of the canopy with the help of a ladder.

You will observe that the electrical box has its presence inside the canopy.

  • Electrical instruments you need
  • A ladder to climb up and come down
  • A tester to check if the wires are alive or not.
  • Screwdriver to tighten and loosen the bolts
  • Nuts and strippers for wires.
  • Cutting off electricity and discarding canopy

Detaching bolts and operating testerdetaching bolts and operating tester

Unscrew the bolts of the fan but make sure that you have enough light to help you see each bolt. If the fan is too heavy to be carried off in one attempt, detach its blades first.

It will decrease the weight to a greater extent. Avail your tester to check out that the wires do not any have any current in them.

If there lies no current, proceed with the process further. Your tester or voltage checker will produce sound and light will blink in it indicating that wires are live and you must not touch wires having current in them.

Carrying the fan down to the groundcarrying the fan down to the ground

Now, disconnect the wires attached to the fan by taking them out and losing the screws. You will need a helper to help you carry down the fan from the ceiling.

But before taking it down, make sure that there is no strap left. Always keep taking care of yourself into account.

The fan has sharp blades attached to it, and sometimes, the blades might be covered with a layer of dirt. So, wearing glasses while performing the said function is necessary.

Installing the new light fixture having removed the fan

The final process involves the installation of a newly bought light fixture in place of the fan. Follow the steps mentioned below carefully.

  • Bring the box of the new light fixture. After unboxing, take everything to be installed out of the box with great care. Ensure not to harm any sensitive thing like lights and read the instructions panel carefully.
  • Attach the new mounting bracket to the box having electrical wires in it. Start screwing the bolts but never tighten them too hard. You can perform it by having connected the light base.
  • Remove the upper skin of the light fixture’s wire with the help of a wire puller which would connect it to the electrical box. There are three types of wires light fixture has. Hotwires are in black, neutral wires in white color, and ground wires are made up of copper metal. Now, you have to twist the bare ends of the hot wire together. The same applies to neutral and ground wires. The color of hot and neutral wires might vary, but you may determine them easily with the help of the instructions panel.
  • If the light fixture has a green screw attached with a mountain bracket, connect the ground wire to this screw.
  • Tighten the bolts over the bare heads of wires firmly in the clockwise direction. Do not tighten too much. Attach the wires to the electrical box attentively.
  • Now position the light fixture’s base in the right direction. The holes are present in it so that you may fit the mounting screws. You have to tighten them to make sure the tightness of base against the wall. It should neither be over-tightened, nor our hands should be able to turn them.
  • Finally, install bulbs carefully. Place the light cover after it. Turn the circuit breaker on and switch the light fixture on to have it tested.

How to replace a ceiling fan with a light fixture

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