How to remove ceiling light cover no screws

How to remove ceiling light cover no screws. As this is the area of new technologies, people love to live in a home that is full of technologies. There are many inventories that are introduced in the hours and minutes.

Most peoples like to install ceiling lights that are covered but without screws means they do not contain screws.

Here I am going to discuss the procedure. By following that procedure, you can remove the ceiling light cover.

How to remove ceiling light cover no screws

how to remove ceiling light cover no screws

Here is the procedure for removing the light cover that is very easy for me, and I think that it is the same for you.

The steps are discussed here by following these steps you can overcome your problem. The steps discussed below briefly are:

Tools require

The very first thing is that you should be aware that which tools are required for the completion of work.

The tools that are used for the completion of the procedure are:

  • A ladder is required to stand on it to remove the cover.
  • Gloves are required to wear on your hands the gloves prevent you in case of anything broken.
  • Remind that the cover is of the glass and don’t use the tools that may harm the glass.

The tools required are basic there is not any extra tool required to remove the cover.

Take a ladder

Hereafter the discussion of the tools there is the ladder you search for the ladder and take it to the place where you want to do the work. The ladder is required if you have a small height like me.

If you have enough height then you may take the stool from which you can easily reach the destination.

If you take the ladder, then you should prefer the step ladder which is good and also easy for you to step up from these ladders.

Wear the gloves

After taking the ladder you should wear the gloves that are necessary for you because they protect you from the glass in case the glass is damaged or broken or even while opening and taking then cover.

The gloves are dry they keep your hands strong to take the glass in them otherwise your hands may bet get dry due to the fear or maybe a little case of the height phobia.

The gloves are also a big thing that is useful for you to et the grip on the glass because from bare hands the glass may not be rotated or also slip from them which is the cause of the problem.

Take a glass in your hands

Here are the things after the wearing of gloves is that take the glass in your both hands with a full grip that you are aware that you should remove it and the cover with no screws is open it just away is that you rotate it.

You remove the unscrewed cover by just rotating it. Make sure that you hold the glass in your hand carefully that it is not enough tight that as a result the glass is broken.

Not too loose that it may slip from your hand and in seconds it is on the floor, and there the matter is closed of the cover.

Rotate it to open

rotate it to open

Here when you should take the glass in your hands then you want to rotate it in a way that knows the way leads it to open.

Most of the things that are tightened are opened in the anticlockwise direction.

You should rotate the glass in the anti-clockwise direction because the anticlockwise leads the glass to open.

You should bump it slowly

After rotating if the glass is not opened you should use the technique that allows the glass to open that you take the thing that is not too soft and also not too hard and you bump the glass slowly with it and see the result that the glass start opening.

The cover may not be opened easily if it is stuck for the time that is enough to stick in the joints where it is closed.

Take the cover out

After the rotation process when the cover starts moving and opening you rotate until the cover does not get out from the joints.

When the cover comes out of the joints then you should take the cover out from the frame and take it to cover completely off from the ceilings.


How to remove ceiling light cover no screws. As you, why this whole procedure we perform, we perform this whole procedure to get the light that has an end and put the light instead of it.

Now when the whole procedure ends you replace the light on the cover and enjoy your life because life is nothing if you have no lights actual or the internal.

Don’t be the prey of the darkness; keep your life lightened and enjoy this.

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