How to replace ceiling fan light switch

How to replace ceiling fan light switch. It is an awfully common problem in every house. Your ceiling fans move out of order.

Mostly you’d prefer to repair them yourself, but you’re not at home with them. Now you shouldn’t worry about it because we are visiting to make it up for you.

Describing the assorted colors of wire as an example to create you people understand properly before starting the installation of the ceiling fan. First of all, you’d prefer to disconnect the ability supply.

Connect the red and yellow wire of the fan to the outline box’s red and yellow wire. As said earlier colors of the wire are just used as an example to elucidate the procedure. Every company’s ceiling fan has its own color description.

How to replace ceiling fan light switchreplace ceiling fan light switch

Connect the neutral wire to the neutral wire of the board.

How to displace a fan light switch

Suppose the switch of your ceiling fan has been broken. We are visiting to guide you through varying or repairing the switch within the only method.

Open the ceiling fan switch and alter the chain, which is broken with the newer one. And if it’s is broken completely then buy another for it.


Before doing such tasks, make confirm that you simply have turned off the foremost switch for your own safety. Remove the bulbs of the space where you’re visiting to figure to forestall them from breaking.


Use the screwdriver to need off the screws of the ceiling fan. You will see a bit of nut on the skin of the fixture. Now remove this small nut.

You will be ready to see the chain of the ceiling fan. Because the switch is loose from the fixture, you will be ready to see it closely. Now watch it because the chain or wire must be changed completely or a number of its parts need it.

Change the wire. Close the screws with the assistance of a screwdriver. If the switch is broken, then you ought to change the switch also.

But before closing the screw, ensure that the spring and other wires of the fan aren’t loose. To alter the switch just in case of per to the previous switch arrangements. Screw the switch again.

How to induct fan dimmer switchhow to induct fan dimmer switch

A dimmer switch suggests that it is the controller of the speed of the fan. Nowadays, most major companies offer a distance to regulate the features of the ceiling fan.

First of all, postpone the flexibility from most switches and also stop working the button of the area switch. Confirm that the switch not passing this. It’s important for your safety.

Follow the instruction carefully. Leave the white wires undisturbed. Connect the black wire to the house power supply switch and also the fan to the switch wire.

Suppose the fan has to be controlled with the remote. The remote will facilitate you to regulate the speed or features of the ceiling fan.

How to induct ceiling fan power switch

It is a real and basic task to position and wire a ceiling fan. Many complex tasks are available on the web to supply you with information about installing a ceiling fan. But here we are visiting to guide you in a very simpler way.

Here we are showing you different methods of fitting in ceiling fans

  • Regulating the speed of the ceiling fan
  • Controlling ceiling fan with a single-way switch or dimmer
  • Ceiling fan with remote


This article gives you instructions about the way to replace the ceiling fan light switch. Before repairing or replacing the fan, put off the power of the main switch.

It is very important for your safety. Do follow the instruction given above to repair your ceiling fan, pull chain, and dimmer switch. And save yourself from any harm. Find out why Ceiling Fan Stopped Working Suddenly

Replace ceiling fan light switch

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