Ceiling fan stopped working suddenly

Ceiling fan stopped working suddenly. If your ceiling fan is not running or has stopped working unexpectedly then it might be due to the fault in its electric circuit or it might be probably due to the interrupted power supply that is not a worrying point as you would presumably be here,

after making sure that your ceiling fan is receiving the proper electricity but still is not working that is a point of concern and it must be given due attention and the proper services if required.

Let’s figure out a way to find the solution if your Ceiling Fan Stopped Working Suddenly.

Ceiling fan stopped working suddenly

After that, you are sure about your fan receiving proper electricity it is time for you to know the reason behind this unexpected failure of the ceiling fan and the common reason for it would be the faulty circuit breaker that has tripped and the fan is unable to get started.

You can check the breaker panel to examine the situation and if there is no ambiguity it is time to move ahead with other faults.

Loose wiring and faulty connectionsCeiling Fan Stopped Working Suddenly

Loose wiring and faulty connections might also be a reason for the sudden stopping of your ceiling fan or it might be the overheating of the motor that is the main culprit for this havoc.

If overheating has caused your fan to stop working then you require the services of a professional mechanic and the same is the case with loose connections and wiring problems.

You have to take the help of an electrician that will save you from the problems of a closed ceiling fan which itself is a very horrifying situation.

If there is no issue with the motor and you are hearing the noise that will indicate that the motor is working although the fan is not running then this will be the time to focus your attention on your fan blades that might be at fault.

Fan bladesHow To Troubleshoot Your Ceiling Fan

Fan blades might have stopped revolving due to lubrication issues or the blockage of oil to the vents and to resolve this issue you will require disassembling the fan and then lubricating the central pin and ports.

You will also have to add oil inside the bearings to make them fit for proper working and if you presume, after disassembling the fan.

The reason for these stopped blades is not the poor lubrication but rather its blockage you have to clean all the pins and porta along with the bearings to make sure that extra oil is removed and only the needed amount is given to them as a functional requirement.

If doing all these steps still doesn’t resolve your problem then you will require replacing your capacitor as this is by far the leading cause that will unexpectedly stop your fan from running.

You have to get a compatible capacitor with your motor and remove the worn-out capacitor it and put the new one in place of it.

How to Troubleshoot Your Ceiling Fan?

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