How to fix a stuck pull chain on light fixture

How to fix a stuck pull chain on light fixture. Pull chain is used in many ceiling fans and light fixtures that turn them on and off with one or two pulls.

The pull chain makes the work more comfortable, but it is fragile to handle and often breaks down or stops working due to misuse or overuse.

You need to resolve the issue by fixing the pull chain, but the most practical solution is the pull chain.

Replacing the pull chain is not difficult, and you can make it happen in a few minutes only. Do you want to know to replace this stuck pull chain?

Follow the given easier steps to make your task easier, speedier, and more accurate.

How to fix a stuck pull chain on light fixtureSteps To Fix A Stuck Pull Chain On A Light Fixture

Here are some simple, cost-effective, and precise steps to learn how to fix a stuck chain on a light fixture.

Turn Off the Power

The first step is to turn off the electric power for safety and relaxation.

Remove the Light bulb, Fixture, Covers, and AccessoriesRemove The Light Bulb, Fixture, Covers, And Accessories

At the second step, remove the light bulb from the electrical box. Then remove the accessories and clever as well.

The chain is delicate to handle; therefore, taking all parts one by one can protect it from damage.

Unhook the Wiring

Now, time to unhook the wiring; many times, we take a step back to take a few steps forward.

If you are not a pro and doing it the first time, take a photo of wiring to hook the wiring by looking at the photo.

Re-hooking at the wrong place is dangerous as well as affects the functioning of the pull chain.

Replace the Old Switch and Chain With New OnesPut All Covers, Accessories, And Fixture Back In Place

It is done with power off, unpacking of the pull chain and accessories, unhooking the wiring, so it comes to replace the stuck chain with a new one.

Also, replace the old and damaged switch. Screw the pull chain and give a little tug to it to ensure the pull chain’s effectiveness.

Reattach the Wires

Fixing the chain is done, so look at the photo and reattach the wiring to enable the light fixture to work. Improper wiring can lead to electric short, spark, or shock; therefore, do this part carefully.

Wrap the wires clockwise and firmly tighten the screws; so that they cover ⅔ of the terminal screws.

Put All Covers, Accessories, and Fixture Back in Place

Proper packing and unpacking can handle a lot of miseries and mishaps. Therefore, place old and damaged accessories in the box from where you removed the new accessories.

Now, twist the fixture to spiral the wires and then screw the fixture to the end cap but not hard as it can be broken due to plastic made-up.

Reinsert the Light bulb

Now, it’s time to enlighten the home by inserting the lightbulb again; the easier and most awaited part.

Turn On the Power

Turn the power back on at the circuit breakers.

Test the New Pull ChainTest The New Pull Chain

Test the pull chain by pulling it out. Congratulations if it is working. If you find any issues, recheck the wiring and bulb fixture once again. Hope your issue will be resolved.


A stuck pull chain is a pesky problem that needs to be fixed immediately, but the best way is to replace it. Undoubtedly, replacing the pull chain is neither time taking nor expensive.

Thereby, fix the pull chain to enlighten your attic, cupboard, and room to have a bright and shiny day.

Pull chain replacement

How To Replace a Pull Chain Light Switch on a Ceiling Light?

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