Circuit breaker on but no power to outlet

Circuit breaker on but no power to outlet. You are watching your favorite movie with your friends and had plans to play a video game after that, but suddenly you lose power in a room, and now its whole black.

How much will you get annoyed?

Well, this is a common problem faced by almost all of us and our initial thought is the quick trip in our circuit breaker. Right? We simply reset the one that is creating trouble or tripping, but in many cases, it doesn’t work.

In that case, when your circuit breaker is on but has no power to the outlet, you don’t need to immediately call the service center and ask for the expert help you can even solve it by yourself with the help of some easy fixes.

The first and initial step for you would be analyzing the actual cause, there are various reasons the circuit breaker is on but no power to an outlet, not GFCI.

The most common reason or cause behind this problem is a faulty circuit breaker which can create trouble from time to time. All you have to do is flip it back and forth before you call an electrician.

If a spongy feeling goes through your hand by touching it, it means the circuit breaker is not reset. Another reason can be a broken wire that is not gaining the power to supply to your circuit breaker.

Moreover, a melted wire can also be the biggest trouble especially in warmer seasons or due to any fault in the surrounding.

Circuit breaker on but no power to outlet

If you are facing the problem of that circuit breaker on but no power So, you don’t need to get worried about it here are some steps that you could follow to solve this problem.

Before you move ahead in calling an electrician, follow the following.

Reset Breaker Anyway

To begin, check to see if the switch has been tripped. Switches can appear to be inoperative while they are functioning. Disconnect all devices that are connected to the present switch before proceeding.

Reset the power switch by turning it off and on again.

This confirms that the power switch is on and that the outlets are receiving electricity. If you discover that power is now accessible on these sockets, the issue has been resolved.

GFCI Need Immediate Resetgfci need immediate reset

If this problem persists, and even the greatest electrician’s battery can’t discover the tripped RCD socket, it’s time to call in the experts.

Even if the FI switch fails and power is restored to the switch, no current will leak from the opposite side of the switch to supply the rest of the circuit.

Sockets equipped with ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are protected from the “headwind” generated by these breakers.

Electricians frequently connect them in series with a circuit to safeguard electrical equipment that may come into contact with water.

If your house has older cables, these can also serve as fake soil.

Damage Wires Can Cause No Powerdamage wires can cause no power

A short in the circuit could be the next issue to arise. This issue will arise if a neutral or hot wire becomes brittle over time.

Most likely, if not certainly, you have not tightened the cable nut after doing recent home modifications and replacing lighting fixtures.

If this doesn’t work, you’ll most likely have to call for repairs.

Unconnected or Loose Connection on The Outletunconnected or loose connection on the outlet

If you’re a homeowner with an electrical outlet that doesn’t work, there are several alternative possibilities besides the power switch being turned off or tripped.

If you shut off the power because the problem still exists, the next logical conclusion is that the wires leading to the wall outlet are not tightly linked.

One or both incoming power cords, which should be linked to the input side of the wall outlet, may have become disconnected or may have entirely disappeared from the wall outlet over time.

As a result, the socket does not receive the power it requires to operate correctly. To see if a cable is disconnected or loose, locate the main panel switch and shut it off.

Remove the exhaust door’s screw using a screwdriver. Find out why Multiple electrical outlets not working.

Check to see if any threads are hanging and if so, tighten all the screws. Reinstall the cover, turn on the power switch, and then run a test on the socket to ensure it works properly.


This article focusing on Circuit breakers but no power to the outlet contains all the possible troubleshooting to let you solve the issue on your own.

The detection of the actual cause in resolving any issue should be considered the first step to get success in easing off the problem.

We would suggest you look for any hidden switch that you aren’t aware of, this can also be one prime reason for the problem to arise.

Circuit breaker on but no power to outlet

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