How to hide adjustable bed frame

How to hide adjustable bed frame. Adding a bed skirt is good to hide the adjustable bed frame. You can even add a bench to hide the adjustability area. You can either move the bed or add a big head hardboard. You can make use of a standalone bed frame.

I have been using an adjustable bed for a long time, but I didn’t care about hiding the adjustable area of my bed, not until my mother scolded me, saying that I have a pretty room, but the adjustable area is ruining its aesthetics.

My mother was right about the ruined aesthetic, and I couldn’t let my room stay like that. I decided to get rid of the aesthetics harmer by hiding the adjustable area of the bed.

Hiding the adjustable area of the bed was very easy. I found a lot of ways to hide the bed’s adjustable area.

How to hide adjustable bed frame

The adjustable bed frame doesn’t look very good when it is exposed from the side. An adjustable frame is good for comfort, but you will have a lot of problems with aesthetics with the adjustable bed frame.

The room won’t look very well, but you can hide the adjustable area and bring the aesthetics.

If you are hiding the adjustable frame, you should know about a few hiding tricks. You can add things in front of the frame to hide it, like using a bed skirt. The bench can hide it too. You may even move the bed to hide the adjustable frame.

Positioning the bed

positioning the bed

If you are using an adjustable bed, then why not set the position of the bed where the frame is not very visible?

Placement of the frame in the center of the room will cause more attention to the free, and that will disturb your aesthetics. You will see the frame more at the center as compared to the side of the room.

The frame can be placed on the side of the room as it will make the frame of the bed less visible, and the bed frame will not attract as much attention as it was when it was placed in the center of the room.

This method is not effective in having the bed frame completely as this method only hides a single side, and the method is only to divert attention and make the frame less visible to everyone.

The downside of this diversion method is that it’s not suitable to set the bed on the side in all rooms. Your room might start looking strange if it is placed on the side because of the structure of the room.

Longer bed sheets

longer bed sheets

Longer bed sheets area trick to follow when the side of the bed cannot be used, and the hiding of the frame is not happening well. Then why not try using longer bed sheets?

The longer bed sheets can cover the frame much better than you hiding the frame, and it will also make a better appearance of your bed with its presence. The longer bed sheets can be in any design you want and even color.

The longer bedsheets can be bought, or you can even get longer bedsheets tailored for you. The longer bedsheets are not expensive, and you won’t have to hide the frame by getting the bed on the side with longer bedsheets.

If you are covering the frame with aesthetics and acre about the room’s appearance, then you will absolutely want the bedsheets that are long enough to cover the frame.

Bed skirtsbed skirts

Longer bed sheets are not of taste for all people, and sometimes they may not look good as they are just bedsheets that are touching the ground. On the other hand, bed skirts are specially tailored to cover the whole from.

Not only are the bed skirts especially designed, but their colors and their coverage can make the room much better.

The expense required for using the bed skirts is minimal, and the results of the bed skirts can be seen instantly.

The lower section of the bed and the legs that make the frame unattractive are completely covered by the bed skirt.

The bed skirts are not difficult to put on the bed either. Not only the use of the bed skirts is easy, but cleaning the bed skirts is also very easy.

Though the problem with bed skirts is that not all bed skirts will suit your bed, not in an aesthetic way, but in terms of size and adjustability.

You need special bed skirts that are made for adjustable beds, rather than bed skirts that were used before or traditional bed skirts used for normal beds.

You don’t need to worry about the price of the bed skirts as it is similar to normal beds.


headboard and footboard

This trick of hiding the bed frame is the same as moving the beds from their place to divert attention from the adjustable frame. The headboards or the footboard will do the diversion for you.

You won’t find the frame in front, as you are more lost in admiring the header and the footers of the bed. By adding the headboard to your bed, you are diverting the bed’s frame attention.

The focus of the people will be shifted to headboards rather than the frame. The neat part with headboards is that most beds these days already have space for the headboard.

You can simply attach the headboards to the frame and get yourself the distinction you need. Like before, the problem with headboards is that you may not be able to hide the bed frame.

Thus, the problem of the frame showing may remain, but they are effective at a level.

Using benches

using benches

If you don’t want to simply divert the attention of the looker but rather want the bed frame to be hidden, then you can forget to use the headboards and others.

You will need to have benches to get the bed to hide the frame. Well, rather than getting benches, a single bench is enough to hide the frame. You will need a good-looking bench to hide the frame.

A stylish bench won’t just hide the frame, but it will also divert the attention from the frame completely.

The front side of the frame will be hidden completely, but the sides of the bed will not be so lucky as the bench can only cover a single side.

Using white cabinets instead of the bench can also save you from trouble. You will also get extra space to store your stuff on the bench.

Using different frame

If you are not happy with your frame being viewed in front of so many people, then you can change the bed and buy a bed frame that is not concealing like the one you already have.

Purchase a standalone bed frame rather than a simple adjustable bed frame.

You can set your old frame with a new one and make the bed hide the old frame too. The adjustable beds are made to work with standalone bed frames, and that gives you the advantage of using them to hide your frame.

You can even attach headboards to stand-alone frames or use a simple solid platform bed.

The expense of using a standalone bed is much more than normal beds, as the standalone beds get you the freedom to adjust easily. You may need other things to put in front.


If you are worried about your frame showing in front of everyone, then two things can be done. You can either hide the bed frame or divert the attention from the frame.

You can use the methods that are above to hide and divert attention from the frame. Thanks for reading!

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