How to stop metal bed frame from squeaking

How to stop metal bed frame from squeaking. Are you tired of abiding bed squeaking and don’t know how to fix it?

So if you want to get rid of this, follow our easy tricks, tips, gadgets, and ideas that will help you out.

With time, the wear and tear results in squeaking. It may be because of.

  1. Squeaky mattress
  2. Squeaky spring box
  3. Squeaky bed frame

How to stop metal bed frame from squeakingstop metal bed frame from squeaking

Identify the reason why your bed squeaks and grab a method that best fits it. Finally,


1. Loose Joints

The most common cause of squeaking is loose joints. They either get old and rusted or lack lubrication which tends to produce squeaks.

So, lubricate them to fix the issue.

2. Use of Lubricantsuse of lubricants

  • Metals are more prone to corrosion and rusting that tends to start squeaking at different sites of bed.
  • As discussed earlier, it is the cheapest and applicable method to almost all squeaky issues either it’s your bed mattress, bed frame, joints, or box spring.
  • The best and most used lubricant includes WD-40 because of its versatile nature and easy applicability.
  • Apply it and get rid of unnecessary squeaking.
  • If WD-40 hasn’t opted, use any oil, even vegetable oil is applicable.

3. Avoid Friction of Metal

  • The idea to use a cloth or all those mismatched socks between the mattress and metal bed frame reduces the squeaks.
  • The use of old T-shirts, fabrics that tend friction to reduce will work to end up squeaks.
  • They all act as barriers, not letting your ears abide squeaking.

4. Use of Wax

  • If you have an issue using a lubricant or because of any reason the agent isn’t available, no worries.
  • Applying a little wax to the areas that produce squeaks can help you out. They soothe the targeted site. Apply all over the contact surfaces.
  • Candle wax or beeswax is also applicable.

5. Use of Talcum Powderuse of talcum powder

Just take the powder and apply it on the sites of squeaking joints, springs, etc. Reduce the friction by giving a smooth texture.

6. Tightening Of Loosened Bolts

  • If the squeak is from the bed frame, you have a couple of other options as well.
  • Try tightening the joints. Sometimes, tweaking the screws and bolts can silence your squeaky bed. Check all the joints, and by using a wrench or a screwdriver, you can adjust any loose part.tightening of loosened bolts
  • Go according to the instruction guide if present.
  • Start tightening all the loosened bolts to get rid of squeaking.

7. New Bed Frame

Go for a new bed frame If none of the above methods applies. The only solution left is to get rid of such noises.

8. New Box Spring

  • Observe the box spring for squeaking. Usually, most of the metal beds squeak because of the box spring.
  • May sounds like an old spring rubbing up against something.
  • All you need is to buy a good spring box. Many affordable brands do exist with high durability and guarantee.

9. Rotate the Mattress

  • Rotate the mattress by simple rotation technique to eliminate a squeak.
  • After you’ve done with your mattress rotation, give it a try.
  • If the squeak disappears, smile, stretch back, and relax.
  • You are now ready to have a well-deserved night’s rest.

Why does my bed creak when i move

All beds, whether they are of metal or wooden texture, have joints. If these joints start making noises because they’ve come loose over time, it’s often the result of friction between the two surfaces as they rub together.


Identify the cause why your bed squeaks and grab a method that best suits you.

In case if each of the above methods fails and you don’t have the desired budget to purchase a new bed frame, look around online for more creative ways and ideas to decorate the space to make it look homier and inviting.

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