Bed too high with box spring

Bed too high with box spring. Using low-profile steel beds will make the height suitable for you. If not the bed, then try using a low-profile box spring to get your height.

Your mattress can make the bed too high, so use a thinner one. You can just set the bed lower if your bed is adjustable.

Setting my new bed was not a breeze, as after setting the bed and putting on the box spring, the bed became too high for me. The too-high bed was not my style, as getting on the bed was not very comfortable.

I was still going to use my bed, but not my little brother. He would sleep with me sometimes, so when the bed was too high, he would wake me up to help him get on the bed.

Not to be ungrateful, but I dint like my sleep getting disturbed. So I set the bed to match his level.

Bed too high with box spring

Having the normal height of your bed is pretty decent as you can get on the bed easily, and even children can get on easily. If the height of your bed is not good high, then enjoy.

But if the height of the bed is too high, then you are having a problem. Too high a bed can cause restlessness too.

The bed can be too high because the frame of the bed is high. You can use a low-profile bed to match the height. If the frame is not high, then the box spring may be too high.

You can change the box spring to get the normal height of the bed. The mattress may be too thick, so get a thinner mattress. Read why the best is too high and its fixes.

Adjusting height

adjusting height

The thing you can most probably do to get the bed’s height right is to adjust the bed’s height. But to adjust the height of the bed, two things must be ensured.

First, the bed should be made of metal as only metal beds have the adjusting feature, and second, the bed should be an adjustable metal bed.

To know if your bed is adjustable, check the height of the bed and the place through which it can be adjusted, meaning check the glides of the bed.

The glide setting function is available in universal beds that are made of metal.

After you know that your bed is made of metal and, more importantly, a universal bed, you can adjust the height. If you don’t have a universal bed, then move away from this step or trick.

The height glides of the bed are present at the corners or edges of the bed. The height glides are like the feet of the bed. You can shorten the beds or lengthen the bed through the gliders.

The gilders are adjustable through screws. You can loosen the screws to bring the gliders to your height and then tighten them.



If you don’t want to use the glider to set the bed’s height, try using the risers. Risers or wheels are attached to it. You can take inches off your bed if you remove these risers.

The riders are not difficult to remove as they are made to be removable from the bed. The beds have wheels so that you can set the bed in position without dragging it with difficulty.

The wheels are not important after the bed is in the right spot. As the wheels have their own height, removing them will lower the position.

You need to remove the bedsheets and even the mattress to start working on the bed. There will be a need to raise so that you can locate the casters.

Simple screws will be holding the wheels, or the casters will have pins attached to them. If there are pins, you can just pull them out, while screws will need proper unscrewing.

After removing the screws or the pins, you can remove the wheels from the bed just by yanking them.

You can repeat the wheels very easily by that, but if the wheels are not coming off, you can use a screwdriver to pry the wheels off. Don’t throw the wheels after removing them. They can come in handy by reattaching them.

Sizing the legs

sizing the legs

If you are happy about having a wooden bed, then it will be happier after you can make adjustments to a height that are permanent.

You will need to permanently set the bed’s height through tools and DIY. However, you will need to have a bed that has long legs and tall posts.

The tall legs will cut from your bed to get to a proper height. Beware that cutting the bed’s leg will make the changes permanent, and getting the height back is irreversible.

Mark the height that you like after thinking before cutting the legs.

Remove the wedding from your bed so that you can start cutting the legs. There are beds post on beds that are attached with screws. You can remove the posts by unscrewing them.

The bed will be sitting on the floor after the removal of the posts. No room should be left underneath the bed so that you can get to the next step.

You can cut the bed posts with saws after removing them. You can also cut them with a cutting machine. Mark the posts and then cut them. Use sand at the bottom of the cut legs so that the floor remains safe.

You can reattach the posts that have been cut. If it’s still high, then cut the legs a little more and enjoy your specific bed height.

New bed frame

new bed frame

If you don’t want to cut your frame or it doesn’t have any adjustable gliders, then the removal of risers will also be useless for you.

Without the bed frame getting set, you won’t have any height that will match you. Maybe the metal bed doesn’t have any height adjustment.

If the bed is metallic and the legs can’t be cut, you have the option of buying a new frame. If you are buying a new bed frame, then you should buy a low-profile frame.

Low-profile frames will go well with the box spring and match your height.

New box spring

new box spring

The frame of the bed, be it metal or even wooden frame is expensive. You may have no budget for a new bed frame, and that will give you a height problem of the bed’s height problem will remain. The replacement of the box spring can help in this.

The box spring will not be as expensive as the frame. You can buy a low-profile box spring instead of a low-profile bed frame.

You can purchase a box spring that is not as tall as the one before and get the required height.

New mattress

new mattress

If you don’t even want to spend on the box spring, or you think the box spring and the bed frame are of average height and are suitable, you may want to think about the mattress.

Your mattress may be too thin, and that’s why your bed is too high. The mattress comes in different heights, and their thickness can vary.

If you buy a thinner mattress that sets well with the bed’s frame and also matches the box spring, then all your height adjustment issues will disappear.

Keep the thickness of your mattress in mind before buying it.

Use of stairs

You cannot buy a new mattress, new frames, and new box springs, then, there is a technique that will make the bed suitable, but using this technique, the height of the bed will not be adjusted. However, you can get rid of the problem of getting on the bed.

The use of stairs in this makes it easy to get on and off. The bed stairs are actually called steps, so having steps will solve your height problem more conveniently.

You can even use simple stools to get on the bed too. Getting steps or stools is your choice.


Having a heightened bed can ruin the aesthetic of the room as it may not match the environment of your room.

You may have difficulty getting on and off of the bed. You can set the bed’s height through the above methods or just make a path. Thanks for reading!

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