How to balance a bedroom with only one night stand

How to balance a bedroom with only one night stand. You can use the 3S rule to balance the bedroom with only a single nightstand.

You can check the scale and symmetry of the bedroom, and then you can balance it with your layout. You can buy another nightstand as well.

After losing a nightstand from my pair, I wanted to buy a new nightstand, but the new nightstand was different from my old one. I couldn’t find the pair for my nightstand even after checking multiple stores for the nightstand.

I couldn’t afford a whole nightstand pair, so I decided to use a single nightstand to balance my bedroom.

Well, I thought setting a single nightstand would be hard, but setting a single nightstand and balancing my bedroom with it was pretty easy. I set my bedroom and balanced it with a single nightstand.

Read to learn!

How to balance a bedroom with only one night stand

Losing a lamp from your pair is not ideal. The two lamps of a pair work together to balance the light in the room. If one side has a lamp and the other doesn’t, the light will not be good for the other side.

You can get even a single lamp to get the light in the room balanced. Balancing the light in a room with a single lamp is not difficult for anyone.

There are components to balance the light in any room with the help of a single lamp. There are things that you have to clear to balance the light. You need to check the space.

The symmetry also needs to be checked for balance. The scale is also important for balancing the light with a single lamp in the bedroom. The balancing tricks and the three 3s rule are below.

Factors of 3s rule

factors of 3s rule

There are some factors that make the 3s rule that help you set the lamp, and that includes the scaling of the lamp and even checking the space for the lamps. The names of the factors are in the topics.

  • 1st factor

Here the area is actually the space of the 3s rule. The space should be first checked, and that will help us determine if the night will be enough for a single room. Start by checking the space.

Your room should have enough space to store a nightstand first. Without having space, even a single nightstand won’t be set. Talking about 2 nightstands will be nearly impossible without having proper space.

The bed in any room takes up most of the space, and the space left for the nightstand after covering may be little for you.

After knowing that you have space for at least one lamp, you can get to check the space even more.

The rooms that are small need space, and even unusual speed rooms require space as well. If you can make this space, then you may be able to place the lamp in a decent area and even place two lamps if needed.

  • 2nd factor

The second 3s factor is symmetry. The bed in the room is the central part, and the lamps on the bed are placed on either side of the bed. The two light stands, being on the side, balance the light.

The two lamps help give the people in the room some personal space, and people can turn their lamp on when they want and turn it off when they require it.

The two nightstands in the room not only balance the light but also make the room more attractive with it. With a single lamp, the symmetry that was with two stands will be off.

So you need to add something n the other side to match the symmetry. A single stand will be enough if the symmetry is balanced inside the room. Make the symmetry better.

  • 3rd factor

The third and the last factor for addition in the 3s rule is scale. The scale here refers to height and other factors that make the bed match each other.

You can use the right to your advantage and set the light to your taste. Scaling requires setting the height and adjusting the place at which the lamp is placed.



The tricks to balance the lamp to cover the whole room keeping the 3s rule in mind, are below.

The tricks below are only a few of many. Think of them as guides. You can set the light through a single lamp. Read more below!

  • At Edge

The edge here refers to the bed and the corner of the bed. The placement of a single lamp using this trick is the easiest for even starters. The trick of setting the lamp requires the bed to be moved.

This trick is best for single beds and can even match double beds and balance the bedroom quite well. The nightstand is placed somewhere that you wanted it to, but the balance still remains.

In this place, the bed in the corner of the room is ideal, but not the whole corner covers all the bedsides. You can set the bed with one side towards the wall and place the nightstand on the free side that doesn’t have a wall.

This covers the area where the other nightstand should be, and the single nightstand balances the room without making the room look strange. Move to next.

  • Near the door

near the door

Placing the bed in the corner and making the bed look better on the side with a balance is a great idea, but that isn’t the only nightstand balancing trick.

You can also set the bed at a closet door and even near the entry door. The door will be enough to balance the side of the bed that does not have another nightstand for it. The door will be pretty useful for the bed.

You can place the bed near the door of the closet or the entry door to balance it. You cannot put a nightstand in front of the door as the door blocks access to it.

This gives you the reason only to use a single nightstand and make the room balance by using reason. This is also great for single beds and suits double beds just like before. Move to next!

  • Adding something else

Well, you may not like to put the bed near the wall or the door of the closet or the entry door either.

There is always an option of getting the bedside matched with each other with a single stand on one side but something else on the other side.

The other side of the bed doesn’t necessarily need to have a nightstand. Other things can match the nightstand and make the room look nicer with a new design.

You can add things like simple end tables on the other side and balance the bedroom. There are chests of drawers that can match the room and make the bed look better.

You can add a floor lamp on the other side instead of a nightstand. You can put a bookcase or a bookshelf on the other side. A desk can be placed on the other side as well.


How to balance a bedroom with only one night stand. The setting of a single nightstand is not difficult. If you have ideas, the room will be balanced with even a single nightstand. The use of the 3s rule and then storming your ideas will make your bedroom balanced.

Putting things like drawers or placing the bed near the wall makes the setting of your room great. Thanks for reading!

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