Average light bill for 1 bedroom apartment

Average light bill for 1 bedroom apartment. As a grown-up, you become independent. You stand on your own feet and understand the complexities of life.

And you decide to move out of your parent’s house, thinking about renting a small one-bedroom apartment that follows your budget.

Now that you are on your own, you will have to think about all the possible expenses that might be on your list as you move on to become self-dependent.

Exited to shift into your new one-bedroom apartment, you will have to consider the utilities like the rent for the apartment, the utility bills such as electricity bills, internet bills, water, gas bills or cable, and other necessary items.

As we all are aware of the fact that electricity plays a major role in our total expenses so we have to consciously and precisely calculate the average cost and plan our next step accordingly.

Average light bill for 1 bedroom apartment

average light bill for 1 bedroom apartment

Keeping in view the basic usage of electricity for a single-bedroom apartment, the average bill can be calculated.

According to the experts, it is estimated that a one-bedroom flat uses about 25-30 KWh of electricity.

The cost per unit of electricity can be taken in a range from 10-15 cents. So,

  • Monthly electricity bill

The average monthly bill for a one-bedroom flat or apartment is about 30-70 dollars

  • Yearly electricity bill

The average electricity bill per year for a one-bedroom apartment is estimated to be about 1800-2400 dollars.

Electricity; An expensive utility

You might be well aware of the fact that the thing that makes you fret about and causes your pockets to be almost emptied at the very end of the month is your electricity bill! Yes, that’s the one thing that shares a huge part of your monthly utility expenses.

Electricity is an expensive utility, and before shifting into a new apartment, you might wanna learn the electricity usage for that apartment, whether it’s low or high.

Usually, the newer apartments are efficient in electricity as all the wiring is newly placed.

However, the older apartments kind of has higher electricity expenses because their wiring and insulation are weak and waste electricity in the form of heat.

Typical appliances used for a single bedroom flat

When considering the electricity bill for your one-room apartment, you should keep in view all the electric appliances that your apartment has.

It might contain lights, fans, central cooling or heating system, air coolers, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, and some other appliances like a coffee or sandwich maker, etc.

All of these utilize electric power; it only depends on how much you use them.

Variation in your average monthly bill

Look! There are 2 basic factors that are actually the reason for fluctuation in the electricity bills. The average electric bill may vary due to the reasons suggested below

Due to your location

It also depends upon your location, where you are staying, the country, or the state because the price of electricity in different states is variable, a commercial area will have more electricity bills as compared to a countryside area.

Due to your usage

It depends upon your electricity usage; the more appliances you use, the more you will be your electricity bill. Having a lot of electrical appliances will probably be a cause of high electricity bills

Save electricity, save your pockets

save electricity, save your pockets

In order to stay economical and within your budget, you need to be a little bit conscious about the usage of electricity.

There are a number of ways through which you can electricity and help yourself to save money and to “save the planet” by saving power.

  • Reduce the use

The best-known way to save power is to stop wasting and start saving electricity. You know you can limit the use of electricity.

There are specific times in the day when the rates or value of the units is low; try using the appliances during those times.

Moreover, in extreme weather like summers and winters, instead of using central heating or cooling system often, use other strategies.

There are hundreds of them, like drinking hot or cold beverages, wearing light or warm clothes and others like these.

  • Use environmental-friendly LED lights

The normal high-power lights are fancy indeed but will cost you a fortune, so instead of using these luxurious lights, try using the normal energy savers or Led lights. They are low on cost and are easily available.

  • Your habits, Your bill

You know it mostly depends upon you and your habits and how much you pay for your electricity bill.

Let me explain this, you know you have a bad habit of leaving the fans and lights, and not remembering to switch them off when not in use will definitely leave to with a huge amount of electricity bill.

Moreover, if you have more roommates and they are also utilizing the electricity, the time for usage will increase, resulting in higher electricity bills.

So, having simple habits will help you a great deal. When not in use, switch off the extra appliances to save power.

  • Your chores are your job, don’t slack off

Hey! I know you don’t like to get out of your comfort zone and want to spend your extra time resting, not doing the dishes, or brooming. Instead of using a dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, or coffee maker, use your hand and don’t slack off.

  • The Technical smart power strips

There are power strips present in the markets. These are quite an efficient tool to reduce the use of electricity, especially for the technology devices like computers, laptops, or your television that are plugged in and on standby.

These strips help to reduce the power supply to these devices and play their little part in reducing the power supply.


Average light bill for 1 bedroom apartment. The average electricity bill for a one-bedroom apartment is mentioned above in my article, and it’s variable for different places and different situations.

You can, however, reduce the cost of your electricity bill through the potential ways I have described above. If you tend to save some money and save your electricity, it’s effective.

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