How to Make Bed Slats Stronger

How to Make Bed Slats Stronger. Are you having any problems with the bed slats? Or Are they fragile and need extra strength?

If yes, then you are at the right place.

How to Make Bed Slats Strongerhow to make bed slats stronger 2021

Design without a flaw is impossible. Over time bed slats get weaker and sometimes fall. Here we will discuss the basic methods of how to make your bed slats stronger.

1. Covering the Slats with a Box Spring or Plywood

  • Reducing the pressure on the slats by applying a box spring underneath the mattress will give the slats more strength.
  • The pressure gets equally distributed, so the slats neither bend nor slip.
  • It also increases slats’ durability.
  • To further increase the strength, nail the plywood to the bed frame and slats.
  • Just keep in mind that it must be at least three-quarters of an inch thick to handle the impact.
  • Purchasing a spring box makes your bed comfortable and soft.
  • Be careful about the size and type of bed before purchasing a spring box.
  • Slats act as the backbone of the bed.

2. Use of Slat Spacersuse of slat spacers

  • Another method to strengthen bed slats is the installation of spacers between each plank.
  • Spacers are of good choice in the condition where the slats are not permanently attached to the bed.
  • Take a board and cut it into rough pieces.
  • The thickness and width should be equal to the slat’s dimensions.
  • The length depends upon the space you need between the slats.
  • Results in spacers (1.25 inches wide (the width of side rails), 2-3″ long, and three-quarters of an inch thick).
  • Continue to place spacers until you are satisfied with the look and strength.
  • Apply wood glue to add extra strength and avoid sliding slats.

3. Upgrade to Metal Slatsupgrade to metal slats

  • Metals are a sign of great strength. Any bed with metallic slats not only gives quality strength but minimizes squeaks.
  • If you own a spring box mattress, then metallic slats are the best choice to be installed.
  • It’s a costly method as metals are expensive. A lot of other stuff needed to be made available for making metallic slats.
  • A hardware or machine shop will be the best place to get square metal for slats. They will cut it into your required pieces.

4. Increase the Number of Slats

  • If there are gaps in between slats, shuffle them around or add more to strengthen them.
  • The strength and number of slats are directly proportional. An increase in slats number will cause an increase in the overall strength of slats.
  • An Increasing number of slats will also provide stability to the mattress.
  • Identify the wood type used in the bed and make more slats accordingly.

5. Improve Fastening

  • It’s a simple, easy, and cost-effective application method that requires a 2-inch screw winded at each end of the slats.
  • It provides strength and reduces the sag in the center when a heavyweight is on the bed.
  • Be careful while adding a screw to avoid mattress damage.

6. Use of Strong Wood

  • Good quality, strong woods increase the overall strength of bed slats.
  • 2-inch lumber. 2×4 through 2×10 is said to be the budget-friendly wood for making bed slats.
  • Consult a wood expert for a better understanding of the type of wood needed.
  • The higher the assistance more it will endure the weight.

7. Add a Support Beam

  • The addition of a support beam provides double strength to your bed.
  • Access the bottom part of the bed where the beam is to be attached. The next step is to measure the height of the desired supporting legs by measuring it from the bottom of the slats to the bottom of the bed frame’s legs.
  • Gather all necessary equipment and materials to build the support beam for the bed.


How to Make Bed Slats Stronger. It was all about solving the query of how to make the bed slats stronger. We hope that these tips, tricks, and gadgets will help you a lot. Identify your bed type and grab the method that best suits your situation.

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