How to clean battery corrosion in remote control

How to clean battery corrosion in remote control. Remote controls are found in every home to use different electrical appliances like LCDs, air conditioners, and speakers. Remote controls are also used for opening and closing garage doors.

Everyone knows the remote controls work on cell batteries, and it’s important to keep replacing the cell batteries because if they are changed, then they are rusted and damaged.

If you do not use the remote control for a long time, then the batteries and terminals are damaged due to corrosion, so keep using your remote and clean it after a month to protect it from rusting.

You can control the battery corrosion in a few steps, and it takes only ten minutes to clean all the rusting from batteries and connecting terminals.

Keep reading this informative guide to learn how to manage the remote control from rusting.

How to clean battery corrosion in remote control

Sometimes, it happens that you go out of the home for a long trip, and when you come back, then you see the LCD remote control is not working due to corrosion.

You can not throw out your remote control just because it is not working due to rusting. You can easily remove the corrosion from the remote batteries and terminals with a few household items.

But it’s important to know that if you are going outside the home and not using the remote control for a while, then remove the batteries from the remote control to save them from corrosion.

Do not use expired batteries in the remote, and always place the remote batteries in a dry place to protect them from water and moisture.

Wear safety gloves

wear safety gloves

If your air conditioner remote control is not working due to corrosion on its batteries, then before you begin to remove the rusting from remote batteries, wear protective gloves, goggles, and a face mask to protect yourself from any danger.

Detach the remote batteries

detach the remote batteries

Open the remote back cover and pull out the rusted batteries. The Remote back cover is not mounted with nuts, so you can easily uncover it with your hands.

Pull out the rusted and damaged batteries from the remote.

Please do not leave the batteries in the home in an open place because it can harm any child in the home.

Put the rusted batteries in a plastic bag and throw them outside the home in a large dust bin.

It’s better to replace the old remote batteries with brand new batteries because if you replace the batteries with recycled batteries, then they will not work for a longer time, and you will have to replace the batteries with new ones.

So, it’s better to throw the old rusted batteries outside the home and purchase new high-quality cells to start the remote.

Clean the battery terminals

clean the battery terminals

The remote control will not start working just by replacing the old batteries with new ones, but you need to remove the corrosion from the batteries chamber especially connecting terminals.

If the battery terminals are rusted from corrosion, then current will not flow from the remote batteries.

Vinegar and lemon juice are the best natural ingredients to clean surfaces and incredibly remote terminals.

Take half a cup of white vinegar or lemon juice in a cup. Now, take a soft cotton cloth, dip it in the vinegar, and start rubbing on the battery terminals.

You should be very gentle during scrubbing the cloth on the terminal because if you apply more force, then you can break the connecting terminals.

Remember one thing when you will rub the rusted terminals with lemon juice or vinegar, they will start bubbling due to chemical reactions between the acids. So don’t stop your work due to this reaction, and keep scrubbing the terminals with gentle hands.

After completely rinsing the corrosion from the terminals, leave the remote for half an hour to air dry the wet parts.

Rinse the battery compartment

rinse the battery compartment

If the remote batteries were placed in the remote for losing time, then it means all the battery compartment is damaged from rusting.

So, in this case, put a small amount of alcohol in a cup and immerse the cotton cloth in it for a few seconds and rub the wet cloth on the corroded parts of the batteries chamber.

Rubbing the alcohol will remove all corrosion from the compartment, and it will shine like a new remote control.

Air dry the remote

After cleaning all the rust from the batteries compartment, wait some time to air dry the remote.

Some people make the mistake of not waiting to completely dry the terminals and putting the new batteries in the remote, due to which moisture is not removed, and batteries are damaged quickly.

Insert the new batteries

insert the new batteries

When the battery chamber is completely dried out, then insert the new batteries into the remote control but be careful while inserting the batteries in the compartment because you have to fix the batteries according to positive and negative terminals.

If you insert the batteries in the wrong terminals, then it can damage the terminals, so take care of this point and always use reliable batteries because if you replace the old batteries with rechargeable batteries, then it will decrease the working efficiency of the remote control.


I will conclude my article on this note that if your remote control batteries are damaged from corrosion, then replace them with new quality batteries but before that, use white vinegar, lemon juice, and alcohol to scrub the corroded parts of the battery chamber with a soft sponge.

You need to be very gentle while cleaning the remote because if you scrub the remote parts with hard hands, it can increase further damage.

If you are not using the remote control of any device for a while, then remove the batteries from the remote and place them in a safe place. It will save the remote from corrosion.

Always keep the remote control in a safe and dry place to save it from moisture and water, which are the main reasons behind the corrosion in the remote control.

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