Why is my tv not responding to the remote

Why is my tv not responding to the remote. It is a very annoying condition if the tv is not responding to the remote because you can not go close to the tv again and again to change the channel or volume.

The first thing to check when a tv remote is not working is the battery of the remote. Pull out the batteries from the remote for two minutes and then reinstall them into the remote, ensuring the polarity(+ / -).

If the remote has started to respond, then congrats, but if the problem is there, then the following are the possible causes of the malfunctioning of a tv remote.

  • Remote batteries are badly connected
  • Batteries are low
  • Buttons are damaged
  • A physical barrier between tv and remote
  • The remote is not paired with the tv
  • No internet
  • IR sensor of tv is dirty

These are some possible reasons behind the not responding to its remote. You can check all these points to find the issue without hiring someone.

Why is my tv not responding to the remote

why is my tv not responding to the remote

If your remote is not operating the tv, then it is a very irritating condition, so this article will surely help you to find the main cause at the back of this problem.

Batteries are low

It is a universal truth that a tv remote works on the power of batteries. Normally it depends upon the usage of a remote, but the average life of it is three months to six months.

So when you see that the remote is not easy operating the tv, then replace its batteries.

Remote batteries are very cheap and easily available in the market, so you can easily replace them because there are no special skills required to change the batteries in the tv remote.

Remote batteries are badly connected

Everyone knows that there is a polarity ( -/+ ) system in the remote. So make sure that whenever you install the batteries in the remote, the opposite charges meet each other.

If you fix the batteries in such a way that the same charges are meeting each other, then the remote will not operate.

A far distance from the tv

a far distance from the tv

It is necessary to reduce the distance to change the channel or volume of the tv from the remote. If you use the remote from a distance that is out of range, then it will not work.

Buttons are damaged

It is an obvious thing that the remote will not operate the tv if its buttons are broken, or some other physical damage occurs to it.

It may be broken due to falling off on the marble floor or someone sitting on it accidentally.

Do not leave children to operate the remote because if they will press the buttons forcefully, then there is a hazard of breaking down of buttons on the remote.

A physical barrier between tv and remote

A tv remote works on signals or rays when you push any button on it. The tv will only catch the signal when there is no physical barrier between both devices.

If there is anything in between, like a wall, then the remote will stop operating. So always take care of this thing so that nothing is placed in between both devices.

IR sensor of tv is dirty

At times, the IR sensor of the tv does not respond to the remote. It is because of dust and dirt on the sensor. So regularly clean the IR sensor.

The same is the case with remotes; make a habit of cleaning the dirt from them after one week so that it operates well.

No internet connection

why is my tv not responding to the remote 2022

On occasions, it happens that the remote fails to do its job due to no internet connection. To confirm that the modem is rightly connected to the outlet and that the power button is on it. You can reconnect all network devices in this way.

  • Detach the WiFi modem from the socket.
  • Now pull out the plug of the modem from the Tv.
  • Plug in all devices after two minutes.

After that, switch on the TV and inspect whether the remote is working or not. If it is operating well now, then congrats, your issue is solved.

The remote is not paired with the tv

Usually, this issue does not arise because remotes are paired with the tv set in the company before packing.

This issue generates when the original remote of the tv set is accidentally broken, and you purchase a new remote from the market. Now there are chances that it will be paired with the tv are not.


Why is my tv not responding to the remote. The final words in this article are that if still, the tv is not operating by the remote after the above troubleshooting solution, then there is a possibility of damaging of hardware of the tv.

So before you hire someone to inspect the hardware of the tv, take the remote of your neighbors. If the tv set is operating by that remote then there is no fault in the tv. You will have to buy a new remote.

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