How to turn on led lights without remote

How to turn on led lights without remote. Using the phone ad smart app instead of the remote can turn the LED lights on. Having a power supply adapter for the LED lights can ignite them.

Buying new LED lights for you to turn on my work. The app and manual controls are the main options for turning the LED lights on.

My LED light remote broke, and I was literally left in the dark. I thought my lights were useless and were going to throw the lights because they won’t ignite without the remote.

But a friend stopped me from throwing the lights and told me that LED lights don’t necessarily need a remote.

I later turned my LED lights on without the remote with his help. He gave a few remote-free tricks to turn the LED lights on. They were easy.

Read to learn!

How to turn on led lights without remote

Having LED lights brightens your nights, but having LED issues darkens the day. Imagine having a good LED light strip and not having a remote to light them up.

The remote control of LED lights isn’t necessary if you want to ignite them. Ignition is a straightforward task.

Having an LED light app is the simplest light ignition technique. No need for remote or extra tools when you have a smartphone at your disposal.

Just use the app store and get the Light app. Now set the light connection and turn them on. Directly getting a power source to the lights is easier.

Manual method

manual method

The manual method is the 1st LED light powering method without the remote. This method is completely manual, and you will have to light the LEDs on your own manually.

The manual method brings a lot of inconveniences, and other light problems are not far from it.

If you are looking for a short-term lightning method, then the manual method will do the trick, but long-term use of the manual method isn’t ideal.

Though not for long-term use. YOu just need a simple plug and outlet to plug the LEDs.

Usually, LEDs are connected to the power adapter and a controller at the installation time. It is attached to switches or a single switch that are present next to the man light electrical switches.

Turning a remote less light won’t be an issue in the case of the power adapter and a switch. A little extra effort will be needed if it’s not with a switch.

Manual plugging in and out is required every time. The problem without a remote is that themes are not accessible.

With this trick, many theme features aren’t usable without a remote, but short-term lighting is great. Steps for power adapter installations are below, as some lights may not have a power adapter.

  • Manual method steps

Removing the strip’s receiver is the first step in adding a power adapter. A receiver receives the signals for the LEDs from the remote and adapts them.

Change the color of the light and the brightness with the remote.

However, the receiver is only with lights that have dimming and theme-changing features. The controller separates the power supply and light strips. Remove the receiver to move to the next.

The power adapter will be going to supply the power to the LEDs and match the voltage that is suitable for them. The voltage is regulated from high to low.

Bypassing the controller is the main task of the step. Without the remote, there isn’t a need for a controller.

A controller can be later connected to regain its lost glory in case you buy a new remote or find the old one.

Using smartphone

using smartphone

Most LEDs can be accessed through smartphones using an online or offline app. On the manual of the lights, you will see the compatible apps for the LEDs.

If there isn’t any LED manual with you anymore, then having google is a blessing. You can input the LEDs lights model or type and search for a suitable app.

If they are no-brand LEDs, then you can just try connecting them with multiple apps to check if they are connectable with the app.

Just check for famous apps or the remote app in your smart device where you can set the frequency and connect to any device.

Make sure to develop a connection between the app and the LED. But google will suggest apps compatible with the LEDs on their own.

  • Smartphone controller steps

Download the one with the most reviews, as it will probably be the one. The app will be on the app store or play store, but you’ll be taken directly depending on your phone.

Use safari if you have an iOS device. Connect the app and the light with the smartphone Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The app instructions are available as you set the app on the phone, and the light connection will be guided by the app until the phone is connected to the lights.

If the app is compatible and connected to the phone, then all LED features will be accessible to you.

  • Smart Controller

smart controller

Sometimes the apps aren’t compatible with the LEDs. Don’t worry if the apps are incompatible, as there is an alternative to simple apps too. A Smart LED controller is the option.

If there is a smart controller and you will regain the features of the light theme and even the dimness of the light. Attach the adapter and the stripped receiver together.

You can remove the receiver strip because it’s useless and uses a 4-pin connector instead. Magic Home app should be downloaded for this.

Download the app. The Wi-FI control will have signals, so connect your phone to it by Wi-Fi. Check the box and connect them.

The app may connect using hotspot mode on its own, or you can connect with your Wi-Fi. Now you can sync the lights and even set the themes. A 5G connection won’t work with the light, so use 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

Spare remote

spare remote

Having a compatible light strip that connects with the app is better, but if they don’t connect, then you’ll need a smart controller. Smart controllers can be expensive.

Getting a controller is a great idea if the app compatibility is an issue, but the expense of the smart controller won’t budge.

Spend a good amount if you want to control your LED features. Using money is inevitable.

The expenses of getting your LED lights to function can be lowered. A smart controller may be expensive, so an alternative for the smart controller is another remote.

Purchase a new remote for the LED or get a remote that is compatible with the LED strip. These remotes are easily available n the market.

You can purchase the remote online by using the old remote’s model number. Use all the LED features like before.


Losing your LED light remote won’t be fun if you want to make your night colorful.

The alternate methods and suitable tricks to use the LED without the lost or broken remotes are listed above. You can apply them or find the old remote to save money. Thanks for reading!

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