Liftmaster remotes not working

Liftmaster remotes not working. Sometimes it happens that you come home after spending a full day in the office. Then it is very annoying if you press down the remote of the garage opener and the door fails to respond.

Everyone knows the garage door in the home is the most regularly used door. If your remote not working, then the most frequent reason beyond this frustrating issue is dead batteries.

But, if every garage door opener does not work and stops operating at the same time, then the reason behind it could be the garage door antenna which is not connected accurately.

If you are up to such a situation, then, first of all, pull off the plug out the plug of the garage door opener for one minute from the wall and check if the remote starts working or not.

If this trick does not work, then let’s find out the main causes due to why the garage door is not opening from the remote and how we can fix this issue accurately.

Liftmaster remotes not working

liftmaster remotes not working

At times, there is minor trouble beyond if a remote or opener is not doing its job. This minor trouble can be fixed by modifying your remote.

At the same time, if there is a serious mishap to the opener, then you can try the following troubleshooting options to find the problem.

Reset the garage door system

It is necessary to have information that the garage door system works like a computer. At times, computers have some pitfalls then you can fix them by simply rebooting the computer.

The same is the case here with the garage door system; you can simply solve this issue just by resetting the system.

  • Pull out the plug for two minutes.
  • After two minutes, plug in the unit again.
  • Now try to operate the remote.
  • Hopefully, it will start working, and the door will raise and lower.
  • If still the remote is not responding, then you can consult a professional to solve the issue.

Batteries of remote are dead

batteries of remote are dead

Normally it depends upon the usage, but the average life of garage door remote batteries is 2 years, so always remember when did you change the batteries in the remote.

If all of a sudden remote of the garage door has stopped sending signals to the door to lift up and down, then, first of all, check its batteries before hiring some professional.

So if your batteries are more than 2 years old, then replace them.

Suppose you want to confirm whether the batteries are exhausted or not then try to lift the door with the control panel on the wall. If the door is opened from the control panel then it means the batteries of the remote are no more.

If the door is not responding from the control panel also, then there is some other fault in it.

Remote signals are interrupted

If the remote is not working well after inserting new batteries, then it is possible that signals between the remote and door are interrupted.

  • Signals are mostly weakened due to the increase in distance between the garage door and the remote. So always try to use the remote from standing close to the door. So always try to use the remote within 15 feet of distance from the garage door.
  • The second reason for the disturbance of signals is the breaking down of the antenna, which gets the signals on the opener. Inspect the antenna if there is some dust and debris on it, then clean it. If you see it is crashed, then replaced it by hiring a professional.
  • Ensure that there should be no physical barrier like a tree between the remote and garage door.

RF interference to remote

If the remote of the garage does not operate whenever you press the button to lift the door, then the remote is facing RF interference.

When this issue occurs, the door does not get the signal from the remote. It is suggested to you that call the certified experts to inspect the problem.


The final words on this issue are that if your door is not lifting up or down then first of all reset the system. If it works then well, if it does not work then check the batteries of the remote.

Keep in mind that whenever you try to operate the remote, then, there should be no physical barrier between the door and the remote because it interrupts the signals.

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