Somfy remote not working

Somfy remote not working. Somfy remotes provide smart motors that are used to open and close the shades, blinds, and entrance gates. It gives many comforts to the users.

It improves security because you can inspect the position of your home doors when you are not present at home. Somfy motor is affordable. However, you can pay some extra money for the security of your home.

Some customers have complained about some problems with the Somfy remote is not working. Somfy remote prevents working due to damaged batteries, non-compatible batteries, etc.

If your somfy remote is not working correctly, then before you pay some dollars to a professional to fix it read this article for information about various methods to sort out the issues with somfy remote.

Somfy remote not working

If you want to upgrade your home security setup, installing a somfy motor is a better choice because it is inexpensive, and you can manage it in your budget.

The only problem that occurs with the somfy motor is that its installation is slightly challenging. If you do not hire professional, skillful labor, it creates future issues, so always take help from professional labor to fix the motor accurately.

But, some methods can sort out your trouble when the Somfy motor stops answering to your input.

So, if you have fixed the Somfy motor in your home for security setup and it is not responding, then check these troubleshooting tips.

Change batteries

change batteries

Remote batteries are the most critical part of the device because if they become damaged and non-compatible, the somfy motor will not respond.

Usually, it depends upon usage, but there is the proper time to use any remote battery, so if you are using somfy remote for a long time without changing batteries, then it will stop responding after two to three months because cell batteries are scorched.

If you use the somfy remote regularly, its batteries weaken, and you need to replace batteries to operate the motor.

However, make sure not to use rechargeable batteries in the remote because these cells do not work fine in the remote, and the device starts malfunctioning after some time, or it even stops working after installing rechargeable and alkaline batteries.

It is not difficult to replace new batteries in a somfy remote but ensure to purchase suitable and proper batteries for the remote. You can easily purchase quality batteries from the Amazon service.

After purchasing the batteries, it’s super easy to replace new batteries with old batteries. Just open the back cover and pull out old batteries.

If you have some spare time, take a soft sponge and clean the dust gathered in the battery compartment. In this way, the corrosion on terminals is also clean.

Now, insert the batteries in the battery compartment but ensure to insert them according to the proper terminals.

Some people make mistakes in that they do not insert the batteries in the right terminal and then get frustrated due to the remote not working.

Dislocated angles

If you replaced the somfy remote batteries last week and it’s not responding to the outlet, check your direction. The remote only works fine when you operate it in the right direction and angle.

Suppose the lens position is opposite to the blinds. In that case, it will not transmit signals to the blinds, so always stand in front of the device so that the remote sensor efficiently transmits signals to switch on or off the device or whatever command you give to the remote.

Out of range

out of range

If you want to pull up your blinds and somfy the remote is not responding, then don’t get frustrated and check the distance from where you are pressing the button on the remote.

There is a specific range in which the remote works only, so if you are standing far away from the blinds wall or garage door and trying to operate the remote from there, then it will not work.

So, simply come closer to the outlet and now press the button to perform the task.

Reset motor

Sometimes it happens that there is no issue with the somfy remote, and it is getting power, but you still are unable to manage your outlet.

There is the possibility that the remote has decreased sync with the outlet motor, and it’s time to reset the motor.

To reset the blinds motor, start and stop the current flow or energy flow for a couple of minutes and then repair the remote with the blinds motor.

After 1 minute, you acquire to redo these steps and check your blinds started moving.

Contact somfy support

out of range

If none of the above troubleshooting tips are working and you are still unable to operate the device, then the last option is to contact the somfy support center.

You can contact online with the company, open the website, click on support, and wait for a response from the company.

You can forward a warranty claim if you have recently purchased the device.


The final thoughts on this article are that if you have installed blinds on windows for security purposes and somfy remote is not working, check the batteries because if with continuous usage, the battery power gets weaker with the time, so replace the suitable batteries in the remote.

Ensure to use the remote at the correct angle and within the range of the device. You can also use the option to reset the motor.

If all the methods mentioned in this article do not work for you, contact with professional to repair the device.

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