Hisense Roku tv remote not working

Hisense Roku TVs are the latest devices to watch your favorite tv programs and movies. You can efficiently operate them with a tv remote.

But, if your Hisense Roku tv remote is not working, check the remote control batteries and replace them if you have not changed them for three months.

If you have recently replaced the remote batteries along your remote control towards the cable box or Roku box, check the terminals of cells.

Sometimes you do not aim directly towards the box; that’s why the Roku remote stop working properly.

However, it is also possible that there is an issue with the Hisense Roku tv, not the remote control.

If you are frustrated because the Hisense Roku tv remote not working properly, keep reading my research because I have been using Hisense Roku tv for three years, and I know all the troubleshooting methods.

Hisense Roku tv remote not working

Many factors are responsible for the Roku tv remote not working, like old cells, remote control terminals, physical obstacles, faulty circuit boards, damaged remote buttons, IR sensor not working, etc.

Here is a detail of all the troubleshooting methods to repair the Hisense Roku tv remote. You can quickly fix your remote control by yourself after reading these points.

Restart the Hisense Roku tv

restart the hisense roku tv

First, restart the tv because, at times, there is no problem with the remote, and it is issued with the tv like a power supply issue and video signals.

So restart the tv and pull out the power cord from the power outlet.

Plug in the power cord after three minutes, press the power switch to turn on the tv and wait for the red led light on the Roku tv.

If there is no issue with the Roku remote and tv, the remote will start working now after restarting the tv.

Old batteries

old batteries

If your Hisense tv remote is malfunctioning and you are frustrated because of not watching the movie properly, replace the previous batteries with fresh ones.

It usually depends upon the usage and quality of batteries, but it is necessary to change batteries after three months.

When you see the remote control works off and on, it’s time to change the remote cells and insert fresh batteries to start the remote.

Rechargeable batteries

Make sure to use fresh batteries in the Roku tv remote because if you try to use reloadable batteries in the remote control, the Hisense Roku tv remote might not work.

These batteries do not work for a long time, so always use new batteries in the tv remote to operate the Tv.

Remote control terminals

remote control terminals

It does not happen often, but some people still make mistakes when changing the remote controls’ batteries.

Ensure to install the batteries by looking at the terminals. If you change batteries after three months, clean the remote battery compartment with a soft cloth.

After cleaning the terminals, install the new Roku remote cells according to positive and negative terminals.

Physical obstacles

There should be no physical obstacles between the Roku remote and the tv screen.

If you are trying to increase the volume on his Roku tv from another room and there is a wall in between, the remote control will not work.

Ensure that there is no physical barrier like a table, chair, or somebody standing in front of the Roku remote IR sensor and Roku box because electronic signals do not transfer if there are physical obstacles.

Change the channel

change the channel

Another reason beyond the remote not working is the codes are not connecting to a specific channel so try to change the channel and operate the tv.

IR Roku remote sensor not working

If your Hisense Roku tv remote is not working, check the IR sensor because sometimes dust comes on the remote sensor and does not send IR signals to the Hisense Roku tv.

So, clean the sensor with a soft cloth and try to operate the tv remote.

Factory reset the remote control

If your Hisense Roku tv remote is not working after changing the new batteries and there is no physical obstacle, factory reset the Roku remote.

Press the power button for five seconds. The pairing light will start blinking on the remote. Wait for another half minute for the repairing process.

Once the repair finishes, you will get a notification on the display screen that the remote control is successfully factory reset.

You can open the settings menu from the remote and reset all previous settings.

Jammed remote buttons

jammed remote buttons

It is necessary to place the Hisense Roku tv remote in a place where there should be no dust and debris.

Because this dust enters the remote and jams the buttons, it may look different, but gently hit the remote on your hand palm and mash all the Roku remote switches with your hands.

Sometimes it happens with the remote that one of its buttons is stuck due to dust or fallen on the marble floor.

This stuck button makes it difficult to press the multiple keys and makes it tough for buttons to make contact with circuit pads, so by mashing all the buttons, the remote start working again.

Damaged buttons

It is essential to take special care of the remote control because if you do not use it carefully, like it frequently falls on the marble floor, its rubber button pad and internal components can be damaged.

If you leave the Roku remote on the sofa and someone sits on it accidentally, it can damage its buttons, so place the remote on the table or shelve it when you turn off the smart tv.

Do not allow your children to play with the tv remote because they press the button frequently, and it damages the buttons.

Distance range

distance range

Ensure to use the remote sitting close to the Roku device because if you are sitting far away from the tv screen and trying to increase the volume from there, the Roku remote will not work.

Always sit close to the smart tv so that Hisense Roku remote works well, and you can easily change the channel and increase or decrease the volume.

Faulty circuit boards

A faulty circuit board is another main reason for the Hisense remote not working. Circuit board damages due to fallen on the marble floor or water going into it.

You can not repair a faulty circuit board on Roku remote, so replace the remote with a new Hisense tv remote.

HDMI cables

hdmi cables

Some Roku remotes stopped working due to intervention by HDMI cables. This problem commonly occurs on Roku streaming sticks which attach straightly to the HDMI port on your Roku tv.

Its simple troubleshooting tip is to use an HDMI extender that permits your streaming sticks to be put ahead from the HDMI input port.

Official Roku remote app

Older Roku models have no feature of the Roku mobile app, but in the latest Hisense Roku smart tv, there is a feature of the Roku app.

If you have an internet connection in the home, you can download the official Roku mobile app to operate the Tv.

However, it is not best to use your mobile phone as a remote, but still, if the device not working, you can use Roku remote app.

You must have local network access in the home so that you can easily use wi fi connection to use the official Roku application on your smartphone.

Camera app

camera app

If your Hisense Roku tv remote not working, open the smartphone camera and watch your tv remote from the screen.

Press any rubber button on the Roku tv control. If there is no issue with the remote, the red led light will flash on the camera whenever you press the rubber button on the device.

If no red light flashes on the camera screen, the remote is damaged, or its batteries are finished.

Gaming console

Make sure to do not to attach another smart device like a console, but if you are willing to connect the console with a tv through HDMI input, ensure that the console is not getting video or audio signals.

If it occurs, it will make an intersection stopping Roku Tv from receiving the codes from the Roku device accurately.

Use universal remote

If your Roku remote not working properly, try this to operate the Hisense tv. Universal remotes are easily available in the market with new features and low prices.

You can use this to operate various devices like Hisense tv, cable box, DVD player, etc.


I am hopeful this article will help you to fix the issue. You can try some other Roku tv control to your tv to confirm whether it is an issue with the tv or remote.

Usually, the remote stops working due to old cells, damaged buttons, distance range, faulty remote circuit board, etc. So, always take care of these issues and carefully use the remote control.

It is suggested to you that you do not waste money on repairing a tv remote and change the remote with the new Hisense Roku tv remote.

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