How to connect tcl tv to wifi without remote

How to connect tcl tv to wifi without remote. If you want to connect your TCL-TV to wifi without a remote then just follow these instructions for accurate guidelines. TCL stands for “Telephone Communication Limited”.

TCL enfolds the eye-opening attributes of Tv. It may able you to approach live streaming, watching movies, playing games, and streaming your apps by just linking your smartphone device.

It also has features of remote control recognition of your voice. You even don’t need to move your finger to play your wishlist content.

But unfortunately, if something happens that you lose your remote and get disconnected from your TV. Who cares? Calm yourself down. Just follow these steps to continue your entertainment unstoppable without a remote.

How to connect tcl tv to wifi without remote

connect tcl tv to wifi without remote

Connect via Mouse & Keyboard

If you lose your remote and want to access your TCL tv without a remote, then there are a few methods you need to follow. After using these methods, you can save money by buying a new remote.

The first one is to connect your TCL tv through a mouse and keyboard. As you see, technology is improving day by day. There are some wired and wireless devices that are commonly available.

So here is the option that you can connect both wired and wireless keyboards or mice.

Inspect that your device is well-suited to your TCL TV. If you think that your keyboard/mouse work as a remote, trust me, it’s a great substitute for your virtual remote.

Using a wireless keyboard is beneficial. Because you can use your wireless keyboard for playing games, settings navigation, managing your TV,  and of course, wifi connections.

Steps for Attaching your devices

TCL TV has some ports for specific purposes. You can use these USB ports to attach your devices like USB flash drives and hard drives. It helps to access your media. In that case, you could play your wish lists from them.

Now, to generate a link between your TV and keyboard, plug your mouse or keyboard into your TCL TV’s ports. When the connection between them is rooted, then look upon your keyboard. Go to the settings and navigate the wifi settings. Now, you can use your keyboard as your remote.

You will find it very easy to use as a remote. After that,  when you find the Network Setting, go for Wireless Network.

Whenever you want to establish a wireless connection after accessing a Wireless Network, you need to scan available wireless networks and then find out and tap on your’s network.

Now your TCL TV is connected to wifi without using a remote. Runs your TV according to your choice.

While using your mouse, you can access your TCL TV for a Network Setting. Follow the same steps to connect your TCL TV to wifi using a mouse.

Use of Roku App

Here is another way to build a connection between your TV and wifi. First, relax and find out Roku App. It’s not hard to connect with your TV if your TV is using Roku OS.

Anything that you need to do first is your TCL TV navigation. It is approachable if your TV  runs on the Roku app provided by the TCL manufacturing company.

You can access your TCL TV if you are an iOS user or even an android user. You can find the Roku app on App Store if you are an iOS user, and if you are an android user, navigate through the Google Play store.

If you navigate the Roku app properly, it will lead you to generate your TCL TV connection to wifi.

Stay with us as we are going to discuss deeply how you can pair your TCL TV to wifi using the Roku app.

Connect via Hotspot

connect via hotspot

It’s really not harder to create a connection to wifi using your smartphone hotspot. For using this method, you required two smartphones to accomplish your task.

One mobile for using the Roku app and the second mobile for creating a hotspot.

One thing that wants attention is that you can’t connect your TV to your wifi just by turning on the TV and turning on the hotspot on any network simply that you can’t connect your TCL Tv to a new network.

You can connect it by using the same network or using one of those networks that ever your tv used. TCL TV saved the previous networks.

If you remember any of the previous network’s names and passwords, you can easily generate a wifi connection with your TV.

First, turn on the hotspot on one phone. Then, you need to change the name and password. You have to use the exact name and password that your TV used in the past.

If your TCL TV saved it in its memory, it automatically connects with the hotspot. Even your TV doesn’t need to scan any network name or password.

Let’s move on to the second step, use your second phone and use the same hotspot. The same hotspot will able you to link with your phone. Here, you need to run your Roku app.

Activate Wireless Setting

how to connect tcl tv to wifi without remote 2022

The Roku app will help you to change your TCL TV’s wifi connection. Follow these steps to set up your wireless settings:

  • Unlock your second phone and install the Roku App.
  • Carefully watch the descriptions on the display unit.
  • Tap on the “Remote” icon.
  • A picture like a remote(hardware) will appear on the screen.
  • Use available remote keys.
  • Navigate remote layout keys and connect to “Wireless Connection”.
  • Put the password correctly. The Internet will connect your phone’s Roku to Wifi.

Finally, your TCL TV is connected to wifi without using a remote.

Connect via Ethernet Cable

connect via ethernet cable

Instead of creating a hotspot or wifi setup,  you can use another wired method to access your TCL TV.

A wired connection is also suitable, reliable, and stable for use.  Follow these accurate instructions for accurate results:

  • There are different types of wires for providing internet facilities.
  • Cat6 and Cat8 Ethernet Cables are required for this method.
  • Use enough length of wire.
  • Attach one side with your TCL TV and attach the other side to the router or modem.
  • Now, with the same network, connect your phone through wifi.
  • Using Both devices on the same network able you to run the Roku app on your phone.
  • Use the same steps to connect your TCL TV to Wifi.
  • After a successful connection, remove the Ethernet Cable.


How to connect tcl tv to wifi without remote. We recommend that if your wifi doesn’t connect at the end, restart your TCL TV and phone and then start again.

In case if you fail in using one method, then don’t worry; use another way to make it successful. It’s not difficult. Focus is essential for doing your job flawlessly.

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