Samsung tv remote not working blinking red light

Samsung tv remote not working blinking red light. There are a lot of brands of smart TVs and remotes on the market nowadays with amazing features, but Samsung is maintaining its quality with wonderful features. A tv remote is used to operate it at a distance, but it has some range out of which you can not use it.

It is very good to have; you can easily decrease or increase the volume whenever you want. Generally, no problem happens to a remote, but sometimes it does not work, and the red light starts blinking on it.

When this red light starts blinking on the remote, then it means that it is out of order and you can not use it further until you do not repair it.

If a remote does not work and a red light starts blinking, then it is a bad omen because your tv is not further paired with the remote. You will have to repair or replace the Samsung tv remote for operating it.

Samsung tv remote not working blinking red lightsamsung tv remote not working

When you are watching tv, and its remote is not performing, then it is very frustrating because you can not go again and again close to the tv and operate the function.

It is not a big problem that whenever you try to use the remote and it blinks red light on it. You can easily fix this issue in no time.

Normally this red light blinks then. It is a sign of this that its battery is low or it is out of range from the tv.

There are many causes behind this troubleshooting, but here are some easy solutions to fix this issue.

Issue of pairing

When a remote suddenly starts blinking red, then most probably it is due to the issue of pairing between both tv and remote.

Normally when you pair both devices then, this pairing remains for a while; after a time, it is unpair, then you will have to pair it again manually.

First of all, switch on your tv from the power button of the tv. Now grip the remote and come close to the tv minimum of 2 to 3 feet.

Press and hold both return and play buttons at a time for at least 5 seconds.

The pairing will start again between both devices; wait until it finishes. After the complete pairing, remote and battery symbols will show on the screen.

Low charging in batteries

If you are watching tv and your Samsung remote stops working, then the first thing to see is that its battery is full or dead.

It will not work, and the red light starts blinking on it when there is low charging in the batteries. If there is a low battery in the remote, then it will not pair with the tv due to less power.

The life of a battery depends upon its quality and usage. It is better to replace them when they start to dim.

Open the backside of the remote and pull out old batteries and replace them with newly charged batteries but keep in mind one thing that installs the batteries according to their polarities accurately marked.

Maintain a distance

There is a specific range between tv and remote under which you can use it. You can only use it when you are close to the tv.

If you go far away, then it will not catch the signal, and it will not perform the task.

IR sensor obstruction

One more thing is that there should not be anything in between the tv and remote when you are using it. It will not get the signal if something like a wall is in between them.

Your remote will not respond and starts blinking red light if something is blocking the signals. So always use it from the front side and close to the tv.

The remote is brokenthe remote is broken

You will feel unlucky yourself if some problem occurs from inside the remote and the red light start blinking. It is possible that internal parts are out of order or burnt.

You can repair the remote, but it is better to change it instead f repairing it because if you try to repair it, then it may cause problems for you again.


Samsung TVs and remotes are very good to have because of their good quality, but they may become faulty due to some reasons.

In our case, if the tv remote start blinking red light, then this issue can be solved in no time without hiring a professional.

The main reasons behind this trouble are either the battery is dead, or its pairing with the tv has to be done again.

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