Why won’t my wii remote turn on

Why won’t my wii remote turn on. Wii remotes are like the hand of gamers, and when you use them more often, then it is going to frustrate you because the remote control all the hardware.

Order them to way to perform in a specific way, and if the remote won’t turn on, then it gaming setup will not operate.

If you are going through the same problem, then you are surely going to look up a solution so that you can go back to playing your favorite games.

To check why your Wii remote is not turning on, then you have to identify the causes and then find their solutions.

Why won’t my wii remote turn on

why won't my wii remote turn on

Reason 1: Battery Problems

There are several battery problems like you, the battery is not starting, and the reason could be less charging, or your battery could be dead and could have a bad connection with the Wii remote.

  • Batteries are Dead: If your Wii remote shows nothing, and if you try to turn it on when nothing is working to turn it on, then it could be possible that the batteries are dead.
  • Corrosion Battery Terminals: Sometimes, your battery terminals could get corrosion. Remove the battery and check if the negative and positive terminals are connected in the right order with the battery. And batteries need to connect with the terminals to perform properly. Make sure that your terminals are not loaded with rust or corrosion, and if there is corrosion, then try to remove it with the wire brush.
  • Charged Batteries: Make sure that the batteries of Wii Remotes are properly charged. You can reveal the battery’s level by measuring the level in volts. If the battery is showing up volts from12.65 volts to 12.79 volts, then it indicates that your battery is fully charged, and if it shows a reading less than 12.45, then it means that the battery is low and you need to recharge it, or it is recommended that you can change it.

Reason 2: Faulty Button Connection

faulty button connection

If the batteries are working properly, then you have to check the connection of the power button.

Sometimes dirt can make its way between the motherboard, and the power button can interrupt the connection.

You have to clean the dirt out so that you can start the connection again.

To clean the dirt between the power button and the motherboard, you have to remove the cover of the remote and then use a toothbrush to simply clean the battery.

Reason 3: Sugary Liquid down the buttons

If you are one of those people who usually enjoy eating while you play with Wii then you will witness this problem because when sometimes you eat and drink something sugary then it can go down to your remote.

It can stick with the motherboard of the Wii remote and can distort the connection and you have to clean up that sticking sugary liquid that is sticking under the button. To clean it, you have to collect a few easy things.

You Will Need:

  • Tooth Brush
  • Soap
  • Paper Towel
  • Water

Cleaning Process

Take warm water and damp the sticky part into the warm water and apply some soap after applying some soap, brush the motherboard with some cleaning material.

And then, slowly clean it out with a soft paper towel and dry it properly. But make sure that you remove the batteries from the remote so that you can clean it out properly.

If the problem stays up after doing the cleaning process, then the buttons are not working right, and you have to replace them but before buying new buttons, make sure that you are buying buttons that are a perfect match with your Wii remote.

Reason 5: Malfunctioned Motherboard

As we all know, the motherboards of any device are the hearts of those electric devices; likewise, if we talk about Wii remote, then the Wii remote has a heart, and that is also called a motherboard.

The motherboards work to transfer the signals to the power button right after you press it.  If you feel like your motherboard is faulty, then you have to immediately replace it with the new one.


Why won’t my wii remote turn on. People who are true gamers are in love to invest their hard-earned money to buy equipment related to games, and Wii remotes are one of that investments.

If that gets disturbed or faulty and stops connecting, then it is going to be very frustrating, and if you are one of those people who are going through such a problem.

Then we talked in detail about some reasons why you are not letting Wii remote turn on, and also we provided you with their solution.

In the above article, we have talked about how your ii-remote could stop working because of a dirty motherboard or caused because of some battery problem.

After reading the above article, you will be able to find out many reasons, and you will also find the solutions to them.

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