Fios box not responding to remote

Fios box not responding to remote. In 2018, Verizon launched the Fios box as this box came up with a slew of capabilities for a better viewership approach. Since you’re a Verizon user, you might even be thinking that switching to a Fios box is a great value for money.

Fios box is a cordless gadget that attaches to the television and it’s a little device which also resembles broadband or a DVD.

This gadget may get connected to four or five televisions simultaneously, allowing users to view their favorite programs anywhere in the house.

Fios box actually comes up with the updated remote controls that are sleeker and have more functionality comparatively.

But, Are you facing the issue of the FiOS box not responding to remote and you have no idea why the FiOS box is not working with remote. Right?

We can feel your pain, that’s why below we have mentioned all the reasons that may cause any problem and also the solution on how you can fix this.

Fios box not responding to remotewhy fios box not responding to remote

Here we are mentioning the main reasons why the FiOS box is not working with remote control and also compiled the possible solutions to fix these problems.

Poor battery

Sometimes, the main reason why the Fios box is not responding to the remote control might be due to its drained battery so you should double-check the remote’s battery.

The battery might eventually need to be replaced when they go outdated. Because most remote controls utilize a non-rechargeable battery, fixing them would be the primary option.

So you can easily fix this problem by removing the damaged battery in order to replace them. A strong battery for remote control is recommended since it provides decent improvement and you should double-check that the battery is properly installed.

Pairing issue

Programming might be the issue that your FiOS box responds to the remote so to work effectively, the remote control must be properly paired with a FiOS box. But, if the remote control isn’t performing efficiently even when the battery is fresh, then pairing is the main problem.

So to fix the problem you just have to repair your remote control as it might be different depending on the remote’s model so just read its manual and repair it with a FiOS box.

Signal sight

Another reason why the FiOS box not responding to the remote might be due to hurdles acting while signaling at the receiver. Therefore, if there are any impermeable obstacles like any plastic object or any opaque object then the FiOS box will not pick up the signal.

So, to fix this problem it’s better to remove any obstructions that may be obstructing the path to resolve the problem.


If the given above reasons aren’t the one then try to reset your FiOS box so unplug the power connection from the FiOS box for almost thirty seconds and afterward put it back in to restart the FiOS box.

But take note that reset could be done with the coaxial cord.

Then, you just simply turn on the FiOS box whenever the time displays on the screen. Now, wait for almost ten mins while the interactive multimedia reference is updated and the FiOS box might begin to respond to the remote control.

Inactive device

The FiOS box might visualize the data on the LCD screen, but that’s not functioning. So, if a device displays a randomized channel but does not interact with the remote control, it may be powered off.

That’s why make sure to turn on the box power switch and also the remote control too. Furthermore, it might be possible that the remote is still not properly linked so just consider to re-link it with the FiOS box.

So, for resetting just click the menu key from the remote and then choose the customer support option. Now, the agent home will open and now choose the programmed remote. Then, read the directions, show up, and relink your box.


We have mentioned all the possible reasons why the FiOS box is not responding to the remote so you just have to diagnose the main reason why your FiOS box is not linking up with the remote then try to fix it.

After all this, if your FiOS box is not working up with remote control then you have to contact the service care center, or maybe your FiOS box or remote is worn out.

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