Samsung tv loses sound intermittently

Samsung tv loses sound intermittently. There are always disadvantages associated with the high-end advantages of any technological device we use.

Right? But it isn’t a thing to worry about; you can solve many of the simpler to complex issues at your home just by approaching correct methods.

Sound problems associated with televisions are an older ritual, and you don’t need to contact an expert or service center to solve this issue.

Do you own a Samsung TV, and Is your Samsung TV losing sound intermittently?

Do you get accused of suffering from this problem again and again?

So, you are in the correct spot to get your problem solved. The most common reason behind this cause is the poor connection of plots or the lousy quality of connections, but it could be a hardware failure.

Now you don’t need to worry about finding the correct troubleshooting method and reasons.

Because this article will make you learn how to solve the troubleshooting audio problem on your Samsung TV and easily enjoy your favorite TV shows.

Following are some steps to solve this problem quickly. Follow the following to detect the proper method accordingly.

Samsung tv loses sound intermittentlytroubleshooting of samsung tv loses sound intermittently

Basic troubleshooting of any power-operated devices is the method you can perform at your home.

The initial step to solve the problem ‘Samsung smart TV loses sound intermittently’ you can take is just unplugging your television for a while and plugging it again to check if the issue is still there.

Contact the service center or support center if these simple troubleshooting methods fail to help you ease the issue.

Mute Status

Of course, the first step you must do is the simplest one you have to check the mute status that is either on or off.

If you can see the picture on television, but no sound is there, it might be possible by activating the mute function by remote; you must press again on the mute button to deactivate the mute function.

Connection of Headsetconnection of headset

Do you use the headset with your TV? Gamers usually use headphones.

It might be possible that headphones are connected to television if it is, then any audio is being rotated to that equipment which is connected until and unless you don’t plug out the headphones.

If you never use a headset on your TV, check out the headset port for any detritus; maybe your TV picks up something in the port which doesn’t allow the audio to come appropriately.

Physical Connection of Your TV

The next step you must do if you don’t get any result after doing the above solutions is to check all physical connections of your TV.

This issue includes satellite receivers, gaming ports, cable TV boxes, etc. Make sure that all the connectors are placed securely to their correct ports.

If any of them are wrongly plugged into the correct port and reopen your TV, then check whether this problem is solved or not?

Check the Settings

Finally, make sure that the sound output channel is set. Verify that your TV’s audio output is routed to external speakers if you have them.

The TV’s internal speakers should remain on if you do not utilize external speakers. Your TV’s On-Screen Display (OSD) has an audio section.

Complex or Modern Troubleshooting

If you still don’t get any results after applying all the above methods, you will need to go for more advanced and modern techniques to solve this problem.

Here we have some advanced methods by which you can solve this problem within no time. Make sure you follow the steps carefully.

Reconnect Power Suppliesreconnect power supplies

It would be great to start with good, old-fashioned Shut down your Samsung TV and unplug the cable. Please give the capacitors and other storage devices a minute to dissipate.

Turn on your television after reconnecting the cable, and Turning the TV off and on again often fixes temporary or intermittent faults that might otherwise be difficult to diagnose.

Set Language and Region Properly

Ensure that your TV has the correct language set; you can check this in the information setup.

Initially, click on the menu button on the remote, then the shortcut menu will open now, find the section dealing, you will find the language setting, and set your TV language in the USA.


Correct detection of the culprit is a necessary step to solve any issue mentioned above. After knowing the more straightforward yet easy steps of easing the problem ‘Samsung TV loses sound intermittently, you are not bound to visit any customer service center to ease the problem.

We suggest you check for any problem associated with external hardware if this troubleshooting marked above won’t help. Most of the time, the resulting malfunction of the TV due to the issues with external hardware or its failure.

Troubleshooting sound issues on your Samsung TV

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