Insignia tv won’t turn on

Insignia tv won’t turn on. Insignia is one of the renowned brands that bring quality smartTV, the convenient devices in the house so you can watch your favorite series or movies on it.

Along with another tv, the Insignia TV also faults that it won’t turn on when plugged with a power outlet.

In the above article, we highlighted some of the feasible ways to turn on your  Insignia TV. Without any extra knowledge, you can effortlessly turn on your Insignia TV.

So before spending money or calling the help center, follow the tip given below.

Insignia tv won’t turn on

A year ago, I have faced the same problem that every person with a smartTV has faced. So I’ve carried out a few studies on it and given you a few answers.

These tips were obliging to me; therefore, they may help you turn on your Insignia Tv.

1. Check Power Supply Outlet Is Workinginsignia tv won't turn on but red light is on

Firstly, check the power outlet to which the TV is attached. There’s a probability it won’t switch on. Make sure the power supply is working accurately.

One way to check the power supply is to connect other electronic devices to the power supply.

When the gadget works, the power supply is good. If not, you will need to call a certified electrical engineer to check the power supply.

You furthermore might want to test the television cable linked to the electricity delivery.

There is a sheath on the wire, and the TV may not turn on.

For the power and TV wires to work right, you will need to troubleshoot your device by checking the following other options.

2. Reset Your Remotereset your remote

Sometimes the remote control may cause the TV not to turn on. A common problem with the remote is that of the battery.

Open the battery compartment is on the back of the remote control and check if the battery settled accurately.

Also, keep the remote control close enough when using it to avoid losing the infrared connection. Finally, if you have a universal remote, make sure you program your InsigniaTV appropriately.

If that doesn’t work, Reset and launch the Insignia remote control.

Firstly, remove your remote control batteries and then press the electricity button at the far-flung manipulate for 15 seconds.

Subsequently, put the batteries lower back inside the faraway manipulate and press the power button to show on Insignia television.

3. Reset Your TVrepair your tv

The last troubleshooting step you should try is to reset your Insignia TV. When the TV is off, try restarting it.

  • To try this, disconnect the tv cable from the power supply.
  • Press and keep the strength twine for 30 seconds, after which reconnect it to the energy supply.
  • Turn on the TV. In most cases, this reset issue will solve the problem right away.

4. Repair Your TV

If you are not lucky enough to solve your problems, your TV is likely to be broken. In such cases, you should check your TV with a specialist and repair it.

The power supply inside the TV or motherboard can bounce.

If your Insignia TV does not turn when Red light flashes?

So we have an easy way to solve this problem with the TV. First, unplug your TV from the power supply. Wait a minute, and after this, reconnect the TV.

Turn on the TV using the remote control. Hopefully, it may solve your problem.


I have written above the four ways to solve this problem. Therefore, follow the instruction given in the article so you can turn on your TV and watch anything you like.

Hope! It will be a huge help. If you have some queries, then feel free to ask in the comment section below. Thank You

How to Fix Insignia tv won’t turn on

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