TCL roku tv remote not working

TCL roku tv remote not working. Any electronic device is renowned for its brand name, if you like smart TV, TCL Roku TV is the best choice to make as far as its cool features are concerned.

TCL Roku TV managed to entertain the audience with its smart and luxurious lineaments. As this is quite a common name in the market of Smart TV.

This mechanical life makes us so lazy that we don’t even want to leave our space to set or change the channel on TV, and if your remote is not working your mood switches off to frustration at once.

TCL Roku TV Remote not workingfix tcl roku tv remote not working

Here, we have some quick fix points on how to tackle this specific problem.

1: Receiver Face of TCL Roku TV

As far as TCL Roku TV instructions are concerned, you came to know that your remote is not responding the way you wanted, the very first thing you penury.

There should not be any hurdle or thing in the space between your remote and the receiver.

Because if anything lies in the middle of your receiver’s face, your remote will not function properly. So this should be checked first.

2: TCL Roku TV remote batteries positiontcl roku tv remote batteries position

While finding some major issues we often forget to set the batteries of our smart TV. If your TCL Roku TV remote is not getting operated, you must check its batteries.

  • Open the backbox compartment of batteries, and test that the batteries are plugged in the right position.
  • Take out the batteries from the remote and place them again for better results.
  • If still your TCL Roku TV remote is not responding apply new batteries and then check. Sometimes it’s just in need of a new one.
  • Take out the batteries from the remote and press all the buttons of your TCL Roku TV remote, now apply the batteries. In this way, mostly your remote resume works.

3: Restart TCL Roku TVrestart tcl roku tv

Whenever you have any hurdle like your smart remote not working, you must plug out all the connection wires of your smart TCL Roku TV for one minute or sixty seconds.

You need to be patient while doing so because if u will not do have patience, you will lose everything to handle this minor problem.

When you re-plugged the wires mostly it resolved the generated problem.

4: Universal Remote for TCL Roku TV

Many other remotes in the market can be picked for this specific obstacle. This can be proved as TCL Roku TV remote replacement for you.

The universal remotes by Amazon have the qualities to run with any smart TV.

If your TCL Roku TV remote is not working, you have the necessity to check the universal remote most of the time you just need to opt for a new remote for such problems.

You can have any remote it’s not necessary to choose a universal remote it’s just for your guidance.

5: Download TCL Roku TV remote applicationuniversal remote for tcl roku tv

If you are not in a position to purchase a new remote, you just download the TCL Roku TV remote application on your TV.

In this way, you can use your mobile or any smart device as your remote and your problem with the TCL Roku TV remote is not working resolved at the moment.

Technology has made it easier for us to deal with such enigmas.

Gone are the days when we manually operate our TV with buttons at the bottom of our TV.


Hopefully, with all these setup techniques you will be able to run your remote for TCL Roku TV. But if still, you are having the same issue, after applying all the above-mentioned rules you need to contact customer care.

Customer care service is the last resort for your problem. They help you where you need that your TCL Roku TV remote is not working, they provide home service too for a complete overview of the problem.

Their team is set up for the timely help of the customers who are having any troubleshooting problems.

So your worries end up by discussing your matter of tension with them.

TCL Roku TV Remote not working Fixed

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