Why is my poop so big it clogs the toilet

Why is my poop so big it clogs the toilet. Large poop is the result of eating too much or a long period of constipation. To see why your feces are so large that it clogs the toilet, keep at it.

From personal experience, I know that it is really embarrassing to do feces in such a large size. This is more embarrassing if you are at a friend’s house or at a hotel.

You may not be at fault in this situation. It may be because of a reason that is unknown to you, like flushing things that shouldn’t be flushed.

Some people have a habit of flushing things like tissue paper, condoms, and even diapers in it. They do not show immediate results. But after some time, they are sure to cause blockage.

Why is my poop so big it clogs the toilet

why is my poop so big it clogs the toilet

The size of your poop matters in flushing. Large feces are unlikely to get flushed. The enormous size is the result of eating too much. Junk food also plays its role.

Drinking less water has its toll on your feces. Constipation is the major cause of the gigantic size.

The size of your toilet matters too. Maybe the size of your feces is normal, but the size of the bowl is small.

The drainage speed and pressure are highly responsible for this problem.

They do not have enough speed or pressure to flush your feces. Maybe the hardware minerals are responsible for this.

Medical reasons

Starting with ourselves. Let’s see the medical reasons that may have caused the enormous size of feces.

Constipation bomb

It is a condition in which you may have difficulty in the passing of feces. And there will be a delay of days in between. This is likely caused if you have a low intake of fibers.

It is also a result of a lack of hydration, meaning low water consumption. If you do not do any physical activities or you suddenly changed your diet plan. This may be the result of that.

So because of constipation. You do not do feces and the waste keeps gathering in your intestine. Then when you do go, the feces size is enormous.


Drink more aqua to make the feces thin. Take more fibers as required by your age. Do physical activities as much as you can. Go take advice from doctors and checkups.

Irritable bowel syndrome

irritable bowel syndrome

It causes unwanted and disorderly bowel movements. It will cause great discomfort. It is a disease that should be avoided as it is painful.

It starts with symptoms like diarrhea and then moves towards constipation.


This disease is treated with medicines as per described by the doctor. Change the diet to suit this disease. Exercises recommended by doctors are good, so follow them.


In it, there is an overflow in the large intestine. More stools are absorbed, which results in large feces. It usually occurs in children with constipation problems.

The smell of child is lost, and he doesn’t recognize the smell. This ends in solid stools. Even in three-year-old kids, it can cause large feces.


Children should have a proper intake of water and an adequate amount of fiber. Precisely, if you prevent constipation, you will prevent it too.

Other reasons

Keeping the medical reasons aside, there are other reasons that cause large feces.

Toilet type

Toilet type has its effects. The size of the toilet can be very problematic. If the ole or drain through which the feces are flushed is small.

Then your normal size feces will also have a problem. Means you didn’t cause the problem, and your poop is not too big.

You should buy a toilet that has a little larger drain hole. So large poop can pass through too.


Pressure and speed are important factors while flushing. Low pressure and slow speed can cause the feces to not flush even if the poop is large.

High pressure and fast speed should be able to flush it. So if your toilet shoes have this problem, you need better pressure.

Changing the pressure or calling a plumber to increase it is a good idea.


If your poop is too large to be flushed. You should first seek medical help. Prevent constipation and other diseases. Keep your body in top-notch condition.

If you see no medical problem, then the toilet problem is the thing you should worry about. Unclog your toilet with the help of a plunge. If there is any other problem. Take tips from a plumber.

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