Toilet refill hose keeps coming out

Toilet refill hose keeps coming out. Sometimes you observe that the toilet bowl is not filling completely after you flush. Its main role is to tell the overflow tube when to stop putting water into the toilet bowl.

If the refill hose keeps coming out, then the main reason behind this issue is that the refill tube of the toilet is continuously coming out.

If the clip of the refill hose becomes damaged, then it will not stop the water from filling continuously. It is not a big issue and can be solved by just replacing the broken clip.

At times the water pressure in the refill hose is higher due to water keeps coming out. You will have to decrease the water pressure from the tank or water inlet valve to fix this issue.

If still the issue is the same, then you will have to replace the toilet refill hose

Toilet refill hose keeps coming out

toilet refill hose keeps coming out

The first thing to do is to find the main culprit behind the faulty hose, which keeps coming out.

You know the possible causes of this issue explained above, so here are some ways to fix the issue.

Clip the pipe

If the clip of the refill hose is damaged or broken, then it is the main cause behind the hose is emerging out continuously.

You will have to replace it to get rid of this issue. The refill hose clips are easily available in the market.

It is better to purchase plastic clips which are not worn out due to corrosion. Make sure to switch off the water supply from the tank so that you can easily replace the clip by pulling out the hose from the empty tank.

Separate the old clip from the refill hose and displace it with the newly purchased clip.

Now join the new clip to the tube. The last step to do is that switch on the water supply to fill the tank. After the filling, flush it and check that the hose is not coming out now.

If you see it is all right now, then close the lid of the toilet tank.

Decrease the water pressure

Sometimes the water pressure in the hose increases, due to which the refill hose keeps coming out. It could be an increase in water pressure from the main tank or water supply authority.

Sometimes you forget to tighten the water inlet valve of the pipe. This increase in pressure pushes the clip to lose, and water starts coming out.

You can solve this issue in no time by yourself. You just need to decrease the too much pressure of water in the hose, and hopefully, the issue will be solved.

Bottom seal is damaged

This problem also arises when the bottom seal of the pipe base is damaged because if it is faulty, then it can not push down the handle.

It went up when you left it, and water starts popping out again. You will have to replace the worn-out seal from the bottom.

Older tube

If your tube is too old, then with time, it can become hard. It can not remain in one position when you flush it, and water starts coming again. Its only solution is to replace it with a new tube.

Use metal hose clamps

use metal hose clamps

Metal clamps are easily available in the market, or you can also buy them online.

The benefit of these metal clamps is that they can clutch the tube in its original place, and water will stop coming out.

Wash the refill tube

It is also important to wash the refill tube completely with the help of a hose cleaner. First,  enter the cleaner from one side of the pipe to another side.

Sponge it carefully so that all the clogs and sediments which are built up in the pipe should be cleaned after cleaning the tube, and refit the valve properly on the tube.

Now flush the toilet and take a test. If the water is stopped popping out of the well and good otherwise, you will have to replace the refill tube.


The toilet refill hose keeps coming out. It is a very serious problem if the refill hose keeps popping out. Mostly this issue is solved just by changing the clip.

If it still does not work, then you can also check the tube and bottom seal in the bottom. You can also use the metal hose clamps to clutch the tube.

If none of these options works, then you will have to purchase a new tank to fix the issue.

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