Toilet bubbling when washer drains

Toilet bubbling when washer drains. Here are three reasons for toilet bubbling when the washer drains. I identified my problem and got rid of it.

I got worried when I saw froth in the washer while it was draining. I started my research just to be sure that foaming is not a big problem.

I searched the web and even called the company. And what I found is written down and explained in a formal manner down below.

Toilet Bubbling When Washer Drains

toilet bubbling when washer drains

The gurgling sound you hear is caused when there is air escaping from pipes. This happens when air pushes its way or tries to push through the water.

This happens because of blockage. Negative pressure builds up and makes the gurgling sound.

The washer drain is not working properly. There might be clogging in the vents or the pipes.

The water lines are connected, thus, one affects the other while doing something. Down are the main reasons for this.

1. Vent pipe clogging

A vent pipe is a pipe installed vertically, and it bulges from the roof surface. This pipe is installed uncovered. So without the cover, it is unsafe from bird poop and other things.

Dirt and other waste might enter the pipe due to climate. So when a vast amount of waste enters the vent causes, these pipes to get clogged.

The vents are necessary for airflow in the washer as they build high pressure during draining. For the correct airflow, these vents need to be clearly open.

When these pipes are clogged, air tries to find the nearest route to escape. This route is usually the toilet that results in froth.

Method to clear clogging

If you want to end the sound and the froth, you will need to clear the clogging such that the air escapes from it properly and no negative pressure is built. You just need a plumber snake or an air bladder.

You can insert the plumbing pipe and push the material clogging into the drainpipe. You will be rid of the foaming. You can always buy the plumber snake from a hardware store. It doesn’t need professional training to use.

2. Half/Partial clogging

halfpartial clogging

This might be the most common cause of frothing and the gurgling sound from the toilet. If there is partial clogging in your machine, then that is the reason for the irritating sound and frothing.

The paths get restricted because of this, and air and water are forced to go back through the pipes.

The water will keep flowing, but the pace will be different. This will result in air backflow.

The after and air will both run out of the pipe, and their passing will cause the sound and the bubbles you see.


You can deal with the problem by removing these clogs that are present in the drainage. You can use a plunger to clear these openings and allow the pipes to perform their action on time.

This will disallow the air to form, and we will be rid of our problem.

3. Unsuitable drain

Suppose you notice that the problem you are facing is not from any of the above. This might be your issue. The washing machine releases air pressure too quickly.

So, if you use a sink after it, you will hear the sound, and the foam will be seen. This problem can be caused because of improper installation of the drain in the washing machine.

The pipes should have the proper length and size for the proper working of these things. Improper installation will not allow the proper flow of the air and that will result in the foaming in the toilet.


To deal with this, you need to install pipes of the proper length and size. This problem is usually loved by installing 2-inch drains and other things that are of proper size.

Meaning you have resolved the issue that you were dealing with.


Toilet bubbling when washer drains. There can be other reasons for this problem as well. Maybe the two drains are connected. So when the washer is drained, it causes bubbling in the toilet. Your vents can be blocked. The vent of these devices might be connected as well.

The fixes to these problems are not difficult. You can make or install separate vents and pipes for the toilet and the washer.

I recommend calling a plumber for this installation as he will have the proper knowledge and will install them in such a way that you do not hear any sound.

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