Whirlpool duet dryer f70

Whirlpool duet dryer f70. If the user interface board cannot communicate with the dryer’s main control board, then F70 will appear.

The main control board doesn’t get any signal as you are setting the washing machine to your choice. The machine’s working will stop without the main control board receiving signals from the user interface.

My Whirlpool was not very well. The function of the dryer was abnormal. The F70 error kept appearing until I could no longer take the error.

I was going to throw the washer, but after cooling down, I troubleshot the F70 error in my Whirlpool. The error was my user interface and the lack of communication with the control board.

I first check the control board and the user interface to see the cause and found the communication has several cut-off reasons. I fixed the board and user-interface connection after working hard.

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Whirlpool duet dryer f70

Having a Whirlpool dryer to dry your clothes faster to go somewhere is awesome. But Whirlpool dryers being similar to other dryers, won’t be problem free.

The user dryer can face the F70 error. The F70 error doesn’t let you check the control as they are not detected by the board.

The user interface won’t set your required settings when the control board isn’t communicating with it. The mild intellectual disabilities in the dryer can be worry-some.

Resetting the duet dryer or replacing the user interface can work as repairing tricks. The Control board connector may be loose, so setting them can help too.

Causes and fixes

The user interface and the main board can both be the cause of F70. The wire connectors of the control board may not have a smooth connection. The cause of F70 and fixes are mentioned below. Read more.

Misplaced error

misplaced error

The error appearing on the board can sometimes be wrong. Sometimes the F70 error appears because of internal reasons.

The F70 error at that time was not caused by the usual faults and is solely responsible for showing the error that shouldn’t be displayed.

Sometimes the dryer misjudges the errors and displays them. The misjudged error is not something that you need to worry about. The fake F70 error won’t cause problems for you.

The F70 error maybe appears instead of some other error. The internal dysfunction of the firmware and bugs can mislead the dryer and produce an error that’s should not be present.


If the misplaced error appears, then reset is the best fix. Starting with the duet dryer reset is pretty simple. Just remove the Duet dryer’s cord from the outlet after turning it off, or take the fuse out.

You can turn the breaker off, too, if they are present instead of fuses. After 60seconds, put the fuse back and power the Duet dryer on.

After the power of the dryer is back, turn on its cycle. The error code F70 will disappear if it was just misplaced. If F70 remains, the error wasn’t a fluke.

User interface dysfunction

user interface dysfunction

The user interface board is the first one that causes the Duet dryer’s dysfunction and brings F70 error forward. The user interface board is your control panel.

You can change the settings of the Duet dryer through the use of the buttons on the interface. The user interface board cannot work forever.

The user interface is sometimes dysfunctional, and all the controls of the user are lost. Power surges do not let the user interface get away and dismantle them.

If the dryer becomes extremely hot, the user interface won’t work. Without power, the user interface will come useless. Worn-out boards are pretty common.

This is because of time and power surges. Another reason the user interface may fail is because of extreme heat from the dryer or the water getting into the board.

Moist can shorten the user interface too. Moist and water are expected in the dryer.


The fix for the failed user interface board is a replacement. Turn the power of the Duet dryer off just like in reset. Breaker shutting is recommended.

Unthread the screws you see in order to remove the top access panel of the dryer.

Check behind the control board and find the user interface panel. Use a guide. Take the mounting bracket off from the control panel. There are electrical connections connected to the board.

Take them off. Remove the board after removing the board. Take it out. Connect the new interface with the connectors and use reverse steps to place it back. Test the user interface and let F70 disappear.

Defective wires

defective wires

Before the user interface is replaced, you should the connectors of the interface as the connectors may have defects, and the wiring of the connectors can have other faults too.

The connectors can become faulty with time, and the faults won’t let the function of the connector.

The connectors can get loose, or they can be corroded. Corrosion of the connector in the dryer and the washers is pretty common.

The loosing of the connector is common because of vibration in the machines.


Powering the Duet dryer off in case of defective wiring is also the same. First, checking the effects in the wire is the priority. Get access to the control by removing the access panel from it.

Find the control board. You won’t have to find the control board as you have already located the control board in the previous step. After the control board, check the connections of the board and the connectors.

Check if the connection of the wires to the control board is loose. If so, then the wires after removing the board. Check both ends and toughen their connection.

Check the connectors for rust. If there is even little rust on the connectors, take the connectors off. Replace the corroded connectors with new clean ones.

Close the panel and the connectors, and then turn the Duet dryer on. Check if F70 has disappeared or does it remain.

Control board issues

control board issues

If the user interface is fine and the connectors to the control board are not giving problems, then check the control board itself.

The user interface sends signals to the control board, and the control board processes them and sends them further.

The control board, like in a computer, works like the CPU and performs the task of the brain. In case of brain seizure, the functions seize too. It’s the same in the Duet dryer.

F70 appears in the dryer when the control board fails. Normal wear and tear affect the control board too. Electrical surges are common control board failure factors.

Water and overheating play their part in failing the control board too. Replacing the control board doesn’t guarantee the dryer regaining its posture. The F70 error may still not be solved, and the control board is expensive as well.


The steps of replacing the control panel match the user interface replacement and the connector checking. Just take the control board out after finding and disconnecting it.

Place the new control board matching the Duet washer of Whirlpool and attach the screws of the old control board to it. Close the panel and test the dryer out.


The Whirlpool washer can show the F70 error because of bugs and board issues.

The user interface board and control board should be checked for connection issues and replaced if the boards have faults.

The Whirlpool washer, if remaining with error even after all the above, should be replaced. Thanks for reading!

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