Dryer making grinding noise

Dryer making grinding noise. A noisy dryer, especially if the drum is not adequately maintained, can be rather scary. Several parts can wear down over time, causing the problem.

A clogged fan or lose parts can also cause the dryer to make grinding noises.

However, before hiring a professional, you should determine what’s causing the grinding noise from your dryer. Fortunately, the pieces that have been worn out maybe simply replaced.

This will return your system to its previous state. The sort of noise you’re hearing and where it’s coming from will help you figure out what’s wrong.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of possible causes for your dryer’s irritating grinding noise. Let’s have a look 

Dryer making grinding noise

The issue of a dryer is a severe one that requires your whole attention and senses to address.

Here are some of the most common machine parts that generate a lot of grinding noise when your equipment isn’t working properly:

  1. Dryer Drive Belt
  2. Drum Support Roller and Shaft
  3. Drum Slides and Glides
  4. Bearings of the Drum
  5. Drive Motor

 And the process for fixing the above parts is briefly explained as:

Dryer Drive Belt

A drive belt is installed on both gas and electric dryers. The fragile belt generally spins the drum to keep the machine running smoothly.

As a result, after a few years of use, the belt begins to wear and break. The belt becomes torn and detached, which is the reason why the dryer is making a grinding noise when spinning.

If the belt starts to show symptoms of wear and tear, it’s time to replace it.

drum support roller and shaftDrum Support Roller and Shaft

Rollers support the drum in both electric and gas dryers. The position of the dryer’s rollers is determined by the machine’s model.

It’s a good idea to examine the rollers after opening the end where they’re installed. If one of the rollers is ripped, it is best to remove them all and replace them with new ones.

Also, examine the dryer’s shaft and make any necessary modifications.

Drum Slides and Glidesdrum slides and glides

The slides, also known as glides, are important parts of your dryer since they assist in turning the drums. They go on the inside of gas and electric washing machines.

The drums will produce a grinding noise due to the erosion of the glides,      which is extremely unpleasant when doing laundry.

Whether they’re worn out, look up the glides’ model number to see if they can be replaced. Make that the replacement part has the same part number as the one that was pulled out.

Bearings of the Drums

The bearings inside the drum are in charge of allowing the drum to rotate freely. The grinding noise coming from your dryer is caused by worn-out bearings.

Examine the bearings and determine the source of the noise. Replacing worn-out bearings with new ones will assist to eliminate dryer grinding noise.

Because the bearings in a dryer are at a ball and socket position, they are quite easy to find. Bearings are used at the sleeve bushing position on some models.

Drive Motors

The dryer drum and blower wheel are turned by the driving motor. If the bearings need to be replaced, the switch is defective, or the motor pulley is loose, the drive motor might create a grinding noise.

You’ll need to remove the dryer cabinet and, in most cases, the dryer drum to examine the motor.

You should be able to spin the drive motor after you’ve gained access to it, and you can check whether it’s making any grinding noise.

A multimeter can also be used to test the motor.

Dryers making Grinding Noise (companies)

Repairing a dryer that makes grinding noises at home might be difficult, but you can easily identify the cause of the problem before hiring a specialist.

While hiring a technician to diagnose the dryer on your behalf might be costly, the above-mentioned parts can assist you in determining the source of the problem.

The above-mentioned parts repairing can help you fix several dryers, some dryers for which you can use this process aremaytag dryer making grinding noise

Whirlpool Dryer making Grinding noise

Whirlpool dryer makes a grinding noise if the drum bearing is worn out and you can overcome this problem by following the steps explained in this article.


If your Dryer is making a grinding noise and you want to resolve this serious issue then you are reading the right article, by following the steps explained in this writing you will be able to fix this.

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