Samsung dryer diagnostic mode

Here is the complete Guide about the Samsung dryer diagnostic mode. There will be multiple appearances of either a diagnostic code or a generated help code.

Samsung dryer diagnostic mode Samsung Dryer Diagnostic Mode

Access to service / diagnostic mode:

Pressing the wet-dry and time (-) keys for 5 seconds, place the machine in the diagnostic mode- Samsung dryer diagnostic mode


The following lists have various tests available in service mode, which can be accessed by pressing the next keys:

Press the Test / Special function keys

  • Wrinkle
  • Release diagnostic codes dryer
  • Temp (^) Sequences up to
  • Help / diagnostic code list
  • Dryer temperature (v) Sequences down
  • Help / diagnostic code list
  • Time (-) Shows the software revision
  • Number
  • Very dry (<) See the current cycle
  • Temperature (Co)
  • Start pause
  • Start or pause the running cycle
  • But remain in diagnosis
  • Mode

Access to diagnostic codes Access To Diagnostic Codes (samsung Dryer Diagnostic Mode)

Once the machine is in diagnostic mode, A “d” will appear and inform the technician they are in diagnostic mode. Pressing the wrinkle release key will access the diagnostic.

Diagnostic codes can be viewed using the temperature keys (^) and (v). The down arrow key will sequence down list one each time it is inserted without wrapping.

The first time the down arrow key is pressed the screen will go to the following code registered. The last code shown is the oldest. The up arrow will sequence up the list one code each time it is pushed until it reaches the upper code.

If there are no diagnostic codes available, “00” will be displayed for the diagnostic code.

There will be multiple appearances of either a diagnostic code or a generated help code

in the same cycle reported on the list.

But if the same code happens repeatedly cycles, it will be recorded.

To clear the list of diagnostic codes, press Wrinkle prevention, and very dry (>) for 5 seconds while looking at the list.

System check mode

While in diagnostic mode, pressing the dry and the signaling keys (+) for 2 seconds,

Put the dryer in system check mode.

“SC” will appear.

This mode will allow the various inputs and outputs to be controlled and viewed by the

technician pressing individual keys. If not activity is viewed for 5 minutes after a key is

pressed, the control will reset to the normal mode. If no more activity is observed

after an additional 5 minutes, the washing machine to turn off.

The following list has various functions based on keystrokes.

  • Membrane Pad Check
    While in system check mode,
  • Wet dry and sensor dry the keys for 5 seconds.
  • will initiate a test of the membrane pad switch.
  • Membrane control involves turning all the
  • LED integrated into the membrane pad on.

All LEDs can be turned off by pressing the key associated with the LED. To get out of

test at any point, press the wet-dry (>) and sensor dry the keys again for 5 seconds or press

the off-key to exit diagnostic mode.

dry temperature (^)

If the engine is running, the cycles the heater/gas valve on / off.

When the heater is regular the temperature LED is on.

Alert: to avoid the risk of electric shock, personal injury, or death; Disconnect power to tumble dryer before servicing, unless test calls for power.

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