Washer fills then drains immediately

Washer fills then drains immediately. A washer draining immediately after filling is the fault of the damaged water inlet valve. The pump sometimes breaks and causes a similar problem.

This problem surprised me on my laundry day. I was startled. I was feeling really annoyed because this had happened on my only free day. I had plans.

So I didn’t want to let it go so easily. I had decided. I called my technician, and he told me about the problem. I fixed the problem immediately and was able to enjoy it later.

To save you from this nightmare, I present this article. Solve your problems. Keep reading!

Washer fills then drains immediately

washer fills then drains immediately

The washing machine having water issues is the worst. The water is necessary to wash clothes. But if the water doesn’t remain in it, that makes it impossible for us to wash clothes.

This usually happens because the inlet water valve has a fault. A broken pump adds to this problem.

Individually, the problem with the pump is annoying. There can be a blockage in the pump. Broken pumps and clogged pumps bring similar problems.

The drain hose sometimes causes siphoning in the pump. The pipe may be leaking and as well as the machine may have internal leakage.

Let’s see what problems the machine holds.

House drain height

Siphoning causes the water to drain after being filled. Siphoning doesn’t allow water to stay. So it is the worst problem you can have with the washing machine.

The problem needs to be completely solved, or you won’t be able to wash your clothes.


The height of the drainpipe matters a lot. It is supposedly 30 inches high. The drain hose should also be at a proper size. Make sure that it isn’t pushed too down and isn’t going far in the drain.

The maximum distance it should be pushed inside should be 7 inches. This length should be at which the drainpipe should be pushed.

There must be a certain air gap around the drain hose. If you have fit it snugly, it will cause a siphoning action if it is not at least 30″ in the house. The installation package usually includes a drain hose clip.

This clip is to be attached to the drain hose. Then after it is attached to the back of the washer, this height helps prevent siphoning.

If you cannot meet the requirements, it is better to call a pro.

Control setting

control setting

Sometimes the settings are incorrect, and this doesn’t allow the water to stay in the washer. The water does fill but drains after that, meaning it doesn’t stay where it should be.

If the setting is wrong, then the water will leave the appliance after the level has been reached.


Setting the water level manually will solve the problem. You can do this with the control panel. Check the model of the machine and set the level according to the level of the machine.

You can also set the controls and level back to the default. You can reset the level by resetting the device.

Pressure activated switch

There is a switch in the device, which makes sure that a certain amount of water is filled in the machine. It uses two contacts to perform its primary work.

One is connected to the transfer power to the inlet valve. At the same time, the other one sends power over the motor. The fusing of these contacts will cause the water to fill.


The water control knob needs to be removed first. Then we need to remove the control panel. The control panel has screws that need to be removed completely.

The pressure hose removal is next. You can remove it easily. The wire harness needs to be removed.

The switch on the washer needs to be removed. Then we need to attach the multimeter probes to the device. Make sure to check the continuity. Blow the switch in the hose. The contact needs to be secured together.


If the water fills and drains, keep your cool. Try finding the problem. The first problem here is the siphoning. You will see that most problems are fixed by following the 1st method and siphoning ends.

A professional will also deal with siphoning first. You can call one. Though it will cost money, the result is better than self-trying. Check the pump in case you are doing it yourself.

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