Samsung washer keeps adding time

Samsung washer keeps adding time. A washing machine is an electrical appliance that is used to clean the fabrics in no time.

You can easily remove the dust and stains from the fabrics without putting in the extra effort. But if you will try to put an extra load in it the tub in one spin, then it will keep adding time.

You will not get a quick wash when there is an unbalanced load and extra clothes in the tub. The spinner of the washer will not move quickly and fast as a result it will increase the time.

The timer of the washer will also keep adding the time when there will be more foam in the tub of the machine.

One more thing to ensure is that if your washer is adding the time then maybe it is a fault in the control board which is unable to give you correct readings of the washer.

Samsung washer keeps adding timewasher keeps adding time

It is very important to use the washer on a normal day such that you do not put an extra load on it. The spinner of the cycle will take time to complete the cycle. As a result, the time will keep increasing.

Unbalanced load

The first thing to care about is that when you use the washer, then do not put an extra and unbalanced load. Always put in the dresses according to the capacity.

If you add the different sizes of items, then the spinner will not move quickly. The drum will have to get extra water to wash the fabrics and extra water to drain.

Due to all these things, the washer will keep adding time. It is suggested to you that if you want a proper wash, do not overload the tub in one spin cycle.

Extra suds in the tub

Normally soap suds are added with water to wash the clothes in the tub of the machine. But always add a suitable amount of suds to the drum with the water otherwise, it will take time to drain off completely from the drum. Another disadvantage is that the soap will remain on your dresses if it is in large amounts.

In the modern washer, suds sensors are installed, which give an extra cycle of the spin to wash out the soap completely from the dresses, as a result, it will increase the time of wash.

Fault in the control boardfault in the control board

Control board s the main part of the machine because it controls all the functioning of the appliance.

If it becomes defective due to the wiring issue, then it will not give an accurate reading to the timer of the washer as a result, it will keep adding time.

If there is no unbalanced load in the drum and still it is not giving a quick wash, then you will have to hire an electrician which will open the machine and see and fix the issue in the control board.

Extra amount of water

It is a simple thing to note that if there are extra items of clothes on the sides of the drum, the washer will take time to add more water in, and obviously, you will have to wait also until all the water drains off completely. Always add fewer items so that there is no need to add more water.

Clogged in water supply faucet

In up-to-date washing machines, there are separate faucets for cold and hot water. If there is clogging in the faucet, then it will take more time to fill the drum completely.

The machine will not get enough water if the water is not coming due to clogging. As a result, it will keep adding time to the rinse cycle.

To fix this issue, you will have to clean the clog from the faucet so that water can flow easily into the drum.

Wet clothes

Normally dry clothes are entered into the machine to wash, but if you put wet clothes due to pre-soaking in the drum, then it will increase the time of wash.


If the Samsung washer keeps adding time during washing the dresses then the main reason behind it is that you have entered an unbalanced load due to which the timer keeps increasing the time. It is better to maintain your washing machine so that its life span also increases.

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