Maytag washer control panel problem

Maytag washer control panel problem. Maytag washer machines are good to consider as electrical appliances in the home nowadays.

They have a lot of qualities and new features which make the washing of clothes easier and more efficient. But like other electrical appliances, the washing machines may have issues with their control panel.

There are different models of machines in the market. Some washing machines are front loaders in which clothes and laundry are put from the machine.

While in top loader machines, dirty clothes are loaded from the top of the machine.

The washing machine is a very useful electrical appliance for washing dirty clothes in no time, but you will have to use it carefully and also maintain its maintenance with time.

Do not use it for a long time in one day, and also make sure that you load the same size of dresses with the same size.

Maytag washer control panel problemwasher control panel problem

Nowadays washing machines are very complicated and not easy to use due to various features as compared to old ones which were very easy to use.

There are many reasons behind the problem in the control panel of a washing machine.

If the screen is not displaying something and if it is also not responding to any instruction, then there is a problem in the control panel of the washer.

You can find your troubleshooting in the following ways.

Touch the pad of the control panel

When you want to operate the washing machine, then both the touchpad and lights are in front of you. There are different commands on the touchpad.

Always touch the pad to give the command to the washer machine. If you just touch the lights on the washer, then it will not start on or show something on the control panel.

Is the control of the washer locked?

If the control lock function of the washer is switched on, then its light will be on. It will not answer any command. So, first of all, unlock the control function so that you can give a touch command to the control panel of the washer.

The lid of the washer must be locked

The outer cover or lid of the washer must be locked because the washing machine will not switch on if its lid is not properly locked.

All the electrical appliances start when their lid or cover is properly locked. If the space remains between the lid and washer, then the control panel will show that there is some problem.

LF or F8E1 code error

If LF or F8E1 emerges on the screen of the washer control panel, then it means that the washer machine is taking more time to fill the water.

These error codes show that there is some kind of trouble with the water which is going to the washing machine.

Supply of water

Sometimes it happens that the water supply to the washer becomes damaged due to clogging in water pipes then due to this, it does not show something on the control panel. So make sure that the water supply filling to the water is correct.

Anti flood devices must be directly connected

The washer drum suggested that the machine must be directly attached to the water supply of the machine for good results. Both holes of hot and cold water supplies must be switched on to the washer to give a proper and continuous supply of water.


What is the procedure for resetting of washing machine control board?

First of all, hold on to the start button for 5 seconds; due to this, all the sign lights should be off. Reboot your washing machine and clear the washing machine.

What is the function of PCB in the washer?

PCB means printed circuit board. It performs the electrical tasks of the washing machine. If the PCB of the washer stops working, then you can not start the machine, but it can be replaced if it damages.


We can conclude our discussion on this note that the control panel is the main part of the machine. If it will not show something or if it stops working, then you can not wash your dresses.

The main thing about this control panel is that close the lid of the washer properly, and the supply of water must be given regularly.

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