Venetian bronze vs oil rubbed bronze

Venetian bronze vs oil rubbed bronze. There are a lot of varieties that people choose as an option for the finishing, like stainless steel, Nickle, chrome, and many others for their hardware, but Venitian bronze and oil-rubbed bronze are the two most common finishes.

These two finishes provide a variety of faucets for the kitchen and bathrooms. Their sleek appearance gives your kitchen and bathroom a clear standout.

Venetian bronze and oil-rubbed bronze are very known for their shiny finish, but they seek a heavy amount of attention of care to clear them.

Venetian bronze vs oil rubbed bronze

venetian bronze vs oil rubbed bronze

Venetian Bronze

Venetian bronze does not drop oily finish because of its downy blurred finish.

And they provide their varieties in a lighter color than have a touch of goldish highlights, and as they are light in color and have a powder finish as they are light in weight as well.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Oil rubbed bronze provides their varieties in darker tones like dark brown and dark colors that are nearly equal to black, and as their name indicates that they drop oily finish.

Types Availability Venetian bronze and oil rubbed bronze

These types of finishes provide a wide variety of bathroom accessories because it gives an antique finish, and their vintage look attracts more people, so Venetian bronze and oil-rubbed bronze are available in these many varieties.

  • Bathroom Faucets
  • Shower System
  • Kitchen Faucets
  • Shower Faucets
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Roman Tub Faucets

Outer Look

The main difference between both Venetian bronze and oil-rubbed bronze is their difference in colors.

Venetian bronze launch itself in lighter colors with a slightly blurred finish, and oil-rubbed bronze is launched in deeper tones with mate finished.


the costs of oil-rubbed bronze are lesser in terms of Venetian bronze because the manufacturing process of Venetian bronze is higher than oil-rubbed bronze.

We can’t say that prices are high because you will see a very slight difference in the prices.

You exactly cant assume the cost because it depends on the area and which type of manufacturer store you usually use to buy. Venetian and oil-rubbed bronze are more costly than other choices of finishing, like stainless steel.

Protection for Finishes

This type of finish needs an extra amount of care because its sleek design can get scratched easily, and it can lose its sleek and clean finish.

If you installed any of the finishes for the faucet, then you have to pay extra attention because freshly installed finishes like Venetian bronze or oil-rubbed bronze can get damaged or scratched easily.

Protection Process

protection process

You have to gather these two things to protect your Venetian bronze and oil-rubbed bronze.

  • Furniture wax
  • oil
  • soft cloth
  • box of baking soda
  • bottle of vinegar

To start the protection process, you have to lightly coat these finishes with the furniture wax but make sure that you do not use furniture polish.

Use a soft cloth to pat a furniture wax and then simply buff it slightly. You have to repeat this process once a month.

Another method that you can try for the cleaning purpose is to mix a dash of vinegar and baking soda to make a thick paste and then clean your oil-rubbed bronze or Venetian bronze with this paste and clean it with a soft towel.

Oxidization Process

Venetian bronze and oil-rubbed bronze can get slightly oxidized, which will modify their look a little bit, but you don’t have to worry much about the appearance after it gets oxidized because they will still look pleasing.

But if you are worried about your appearance, then you have to make a proper routine for cleaning purposes.

Make sure to wax the finish regularly so that it can maintain its beauty but don’t forget to clean your hands after the process so that you can’t stick your hands with the oil.


Venetian bronze and oil-rubbed bronze are a very good choice for finishing because their sleek and fine look will make your home looks aesthetically pleasing.

Both are the best substitutes for each other, and both are worthy of buying, but it depends on your choice which type of faucet you want to prefer according to your taste.

But there is a slight difference between Venetian bronze and oil-rubbed bronze, and that difference we have covered in his article.

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