Delta touch faucet not working

Delta touch faucet not working. Delta Faucets with touch capability are making the market high.

They are very convenient and useful as you don’t have to turn the handles to use the faucets; you can simply turn them on by simply clicking on them.

Delta touch faucets are very useful, especially for the kitchen, because when we do cleaning and cooking in the kitchen, we use faucets to clean our hands and turn faucet handles; again and again, it can be a very unhygienic process. So, in that case, Touch faucets do their job perfectly.

New technologies can surely make our life easier, but these new technologies can never be perfect.

When you get used to the touch delta faucets, then it is difficult for you to function without them. But sometimes they stop working properly. Even their led warning light starts blinking.

Delta touch faucet not workingdelta touch faucet not working 2022

There could be many possible reasons for not working the delta touch faucet. So to fix the touch delta faucet, we have to identify such a problem.

Here are the most common issues that can stop the touch system of these faucets.

Less water supply

Like normal faucets, when we face the problem of less water supply than we check the aerators that are located at the midpoint of the faucets stem, aerators are made up of thin metal discs that mix water with air.

Aerators can get blocked because of mineral substances or because of dirt and debris.

Damaged Solenoid valve

Basically, solenoid valves work to turn on and off the faucets, and they are associated with the touch sensor, which is located underneath your faucets. If solenoid valves get damaged, then most likely, they will not work properly, or they will not push or pull effectively.

Low Battery

Batteries differentiate normal faucets from delta touch faucets because normal faucets don’t have batteries, but delta faucets have, so if batteries stop working, then obviously, your faucet is also going to stop. There are led light indicators that will start blinking when the battery is low.

Delta Touch LED light indicator

  • The red light shows normal mode with hands-free being activated.
  • Red LED flashing for the long term shows an error, and you should immediately contact delta support.
  • The flashing Red LED indicates that you should replace the batteries now.
  • Blue LED shows that the touch sensor is active and the touch delta faucet is operating normally.
  • Flashing Blue LED shows that when hands-free is activated, then the touch delta faucet is operating in normal mode.

Causes of not functional delta touch faucet

The most common cause of not functional delta touch faucets is worn-out batteries because if batteries are faulty, then you have to change them.

If you touch the delta faucet and stop flowing water but still LED light indicators are on, then you have to check a few things that what is becoming a reason for not flowing water and blocked touch delta faucet.

Make sure that your faucet’s underneath area is clear so that you can avoid any blockage, and you have to double-check that nothing is touching the wiring directly. Then check whether the water is switched on on your faucet or not.

Then check for your batteries and if they are placed properly or not. While doing this mini fixing procedure, make sure that wires are not directly connected with any metal directly or indirectly.

After identifying many things related to the delta touch faucet, if you feel that there is something wrong with the battery, then you have to change it.

Battery Replacement process for Delta touch faucetsbattery replacement process for delta touch faucets

Locate the battery pack

You can check for the battery pack under the touch delta faucet .mostly the faucet has a cabinet under them that they use for the battery pack.

Remove the Batteries

Remove the cap that is at the top of the battery box, and then after removing the top cap, remove the batteries.

Installation of New Batteries

Delta claims that the batteries that are used in the Delta touch faucet will stay for about 2 years, but users observe their batteries that last up to 6 to 12 months.

After removing the old worn-out batteries, install your new batteries and also make sure to replace the cap along with the battery box but before that, make sure to note down the correct polarity that is shown in the box.

Don’t forget to place down the battery box to check the obstruction.

Touch problem in only one Area

If a touch problem occurs in only one area, then it is most likely possible that the wires of that specific area are worn-out, so it is recommended to check the wiring of that specific area that is not working and may be affected.

After doing everything that you can do yourself, if your problem still stays, then it is highly recommended to seek professional help because changing the battery or checking for wiring can become a risky part as delta touch faucet has battery operation as well as while replacing different parts it works with the water as well the seek professional assistant.

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