Smoking in bathroom with shower running

Smoking in bathroom with shower running. Most people are irritated with smoking, so sometimes it happens that you are at such a place where you can’t smoke and you also can not go outside the place to smoke then; the best place for smoking in this situation is going to the bathroom.

However, if there are some people outside whom you don’t want to tell that you went to the bathroom for smoking because you were long absent from the gathering will doubt the people what you were actually doing in the bathroom, besides this that you were taking a shower.

If you want to remove the smoke smell, then use a ceiling fan and steam to get rid of the smoke smell.

There are different methods to remove the smoke smell from the bathroom, but the most common and easy way to remove the smell is using the shower method. So, without any further delay, read this article to remove the smoking smell in the shower.

Smoking in bathroom with shower running

Sometimes, you often find yourself in a place where you can not smoke in front of others due to any reason.

If you can’t even go outside, then the best place for smoking is the bathroom but pretend to others that you are taking a shower; after all, it will take some time to remove all the signs of smoking.

Taking a shower is the best option because it will not make doubt in others’ minds, so let’s check all the steps in detail to remove smoking residues and smells appropriate.

Tight the door

tight the door

Before you start smoking, it’s very necessary to close all the bathroom openings from where there is a chance of smoke going outside.

The bathroom door is obviously closed, but the main thing to worry about is the bottom of the door. There is every chance the smoke will go outside the bathroom from the bottom door.

There are not too many things available in the bathroom to cover the door bottom, but one thing that is best to use in such circumstances is using a big towel.

The towel will obviously get dirty, but you have no other options, so spread the towel carefully in this way that there is no chance of smoke releasing outside the room from the bathroom.

Ensure to take a big towel that can cover the full bathroom door at the bottom because if you leave any small hole that is uncovered with the towel, then smoke will emit outside from it.

Now, light your cigarette and start smoking but pull out the towel until all the smoke is cleared from the bathroom.

Switch on the ceiling fan

switch on the ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is installed in almost every bathroom nowadays to escape the bad smell outside the bathroom.

So, switch on the ceiling fan during smoking because it will also help pull out the smoke outside the bathroom, and don’t turn it off until all smoke smell is cleared.

Open the windows

If there is a small window in the bathroom, then open it because it will allow the fresh air to come into the bathroom and remove the smoking smell.

Spread the steam

spread the steam

If you are planning to smoke in the bathroom and don’t want anyone to know a bit about what you are smoking, then the best thing is to develop the steam in the bathroom.

Water steam is very strong that it offsets all the smoking smell. So, turn on the showerhead’s hot water tap to spread the bathroom’s steam.

Now, start smoking with the shower running. The smoking smell will finish outside with the hot water steam.

However, you need to run the shower for at least five minutes to spread the steam in the bathroom because hot water takes only five minutes to develop enough steam to disperse the smoking smell.

Use air fresheners

use air fresheners

Using an air freshener is also a good option to minimize the smoke smell.

So when you finish smoking in the bathroom, then use an air freshener and spray the perfume in the bathroom.

Pour shampoo into the bathtub

The shampoo is a necessary item in the bathroom during a shower, and it also smells well when you turn on the hot water in the bathtub to create steam and then pour some shampoo into the bathtub.

The shampoo will develop a nice fragrant smell in the entire bathroom and decrease the smoking effects. The shampoo smell will spread the good smell, but it does not mean it will not completely remove the smoking smell.

A shampoo is a strange option because it is mainly used for shining hair, not for removing the smoke smell.

Use a sploof

use a sploof

A sploof is a tool that is used to remove the smoke smell. If you don’t want to waste the shampoo or dirty the clean towel, then use a smell-removing solution to absorb the unwanted and toxic smells.

Cannabolish mixture removes smoking, and cannabis smells immediately and is very easy to use also.

Spray the mixture in the bathroom or room where you want to eliminate the smoke smell and check the end results because it will quickly hack and absorb the unwanted smell in the room.

Remove the smoking residue

The toilet is the best way to remove the smoking residue, so throw all the smoke ash and smoking residue into the toilet and flush the tank.

If the ash is not clearing, then use a pipe to shake it well. Keep running the water and fan to remove the smoke. Take a small shower at the end to complete your planning.


The final thoughts on this article are if you have no other place for smoking, then use the bathroom because it is an ideal place for this purpose.

Shut the door properly and cover the bottom door with a towel. Now use, turn on the hot boiling water to develop steam in the bathroom.

Besides these tips, switch on the ceiling fan and open the bathroom window. Dont forget to take a small shower at the end to give the final touch to your plan.

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