Low budget small bathroom remodel

Low budget small bathroom remodel. Getting a bathroom modified is really expensive. But it is not impossible to remodel it on a low budget. Even on a low budget, we can make it look fancy and elegant.

But by adding a few things and changing the style. We can change it like it is newly built. Not a lot of cash is required, but you will need a plan to start. We here have laid the best ideas and plans that will help you get everything done at a cheap price.

The tricks have been gathered from all around and the best ones after selection are started in this article. Keep reading!.

Low budget small bathroom remodel

low budget small bathroom remodel

The base of the modification starts with the paint. The walls should be attractive, so selecting the color is vital. Tiles are expensive, so the paint will do a better job with our budget.

Then comes the mirror. A big mirror will make a big difference. It will be attractive and aesthetics.

As we are modifying, that means the tub is already present. So instead of buying and wasting on a new one. Clean and make it shine like a new.

Adding small shelves and cabinets increases elegance. Tiles in the budget would be a great idea. Change the lighting to new ones. Change the faucets to a suitable environment.

Fresh Paint

Paint is an important factor to provide a fresh look to your bathroom. Dirt and other materials are present on the wall.

So cleaning them a bit and giving them a fresh coat will do wonders. The bright paints also give the room a bigger look. So always choose a bright color.

A cool white shade will be a good choice. You can also keep the color neutral.


The next thing after the painting is tiles. They will be a toll on the budget, so go for the peel and stick tiles. They are quite suitable at a low cost.

They can cover the floor and the walls. Meaning you won’t have to spend money on painting the walls.

But if you want real tiles, instead of buying stone tiles at an expensive rate. Look for laminate and vinyl tiles. They do not cost as much. But it entirely depends on your budget.

Bathtub Renewal

If you have enough to buy a new one, then go get it. But if your expenses are not in order. Go for the old one. There are certain chemicals available in the market that will give your old tub a new look.

They are not expensive. You can use home remedies if you do not want to use chemicals.

Faucets and taps

faucets and taps

Faucets get rusty with time and so do taps. The design gets out of fashion too. So you can replace them and get something elegant.

If you don’t have enough money. You can just renew the old ones by removing rust and applying shiners.

New curtains

Old curtains make even a bright room look dull. If your curtains have turned yellow. They’ll make the paint and tiles look dull too.

So new curtains will freshen the looks. You can also wash old curtains. They may become fresh if they are clearly washed.

Cabinets and shelves

Adding cabinets and shelves according to the theme is vital. If you add small cabinets and shelves, the beauty will increase.

Get the ones with mild-dew resistance so that they don’t take damage. Place them at a suitable location for a better view. If you have old cabinets. Clean and replace their parts to lower the expenditure.

Mirror addition

Mirrors are the basics of a bathroom. Any room looks incomplete without them. You should add a fairly large mirror.

Not only for aesthetics but for tasks like stylizing your hair and applying makeup.

Accents tone

If you want to further modify it. You can add some accents. Like a new toothbrush holder and things like that. Make a spa-like atmosphere. It will give more elegance.


Remodeling at a cheap rate is very much possible. You just need to be more creative. If something is old it doesn’t mean that it needs replacement. You can apply your creativity to it and make it suit the environment.

Above are the things you can do to modify your bathroom. They are cheap, but they are pretty awesome when you apply them practically.

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