How to unlock a bathroom door from the outside

How to unlock a bathroom door from the outside. The bathroom is supposedly the most visited place in the house. This is according to a survey.

The doors are installed for the room because of privacy.

But sometimes, the doors that were installed to give you privacy get locked from the inside. Someone might get stuck inside them, or it might be that you are unable to open them for your own use.

Just calling it irritating would be a small word. The key might have been lost.

This problem is no fun to have. We must know a way to unlock it or else. We can unlock it using hair pain. We can use a butter knife to do this. Wires can also be for opening it.

There are other ways as well you might want to break the lock just to open the door, but before that, read these methods that might change your mind.

How to unlock a bathroom door from the outside

unlock a bathroom door from the outside

The basic method is to insert the pointy edge of a butter knife into the lock. More specifically, in the keyhole.

In case the lock is a push-button lock, you need to turn the knife sideways in the direction of the opening. Give a look a little shake

In case the knife doesn’t work, you can use a bobby pin in its stead. Just insert the pin in the keyhole and give it a share.

Turn the knob with it so that it may open when it is unlocked. If the door is not stuck, you can use a substitute key to open it.

Let’s see the methods for the hurdle.

Substitute pair

Whenever you buy a lock, the keys that are given to you are more than one in number. Usually, the keys that you are given are number 3.

There can be more, too. Before we move to a more aggressive method, if you have lost the key, then use the substitute to open the door.

Paper clip

If you do not have the key and you want to open the door peacefully, you can do it with paper clips. This method is convenient as you just need paper clips and bend them appropriately.

The only tricky part is the bending of the pin to the right shape.

You need to bend one pin while making the other completely straight. Then insert the pin you have bent into the hole. Following that, insert the straight pin beneath the bent one.

Now move the straight pin inside by wiggling it. Keep doing this until the door gets unlocked.

Using bobby pin

using bobby pin

This is one of the most effective methods. However, it requires patience and time to complete. It will prove to be useful if used properly.

This method requires two bobby pins.

You need to bend one of the points from an end from the length of 0.3inch and keep the other one straight. Now you need to place the bent inside as well.

Then you need to turn the knob and, while doing so, remember to wiggle the bobby pin. Keep wiggling and turning the knob until the door unlocks.

It will take some time for the method to work, but eventually, it will.

Dismantling the lock

Well, if you are unable to open the lock even after following the above methods, you can always dismantle the lock. You just need to know the proper way.

You need a screwdriver to dismantle it. You will see that there are screws present on the lock.

If not, you can use a flat-headed screwdriver to lift the cover of the lock-up. Then you will see that there are screws present on it.

Then, using the screwdriver, remove the screws one by one. After doing so, remove the knob by pulling it a bit and taking it out from the adjustment.

Now open the rest of the lock, and the door will open.


If the lock is stuck and you have lost the key, that can be a problem. You can try applying the above methods. You can even disassemble the whole door if it is not opening.

But as you are not a professional so performing the steps in the wrong way might damage the lock completely. The problem might get worse.

So if you are in a situation where you are unable to unlock the door or you have lost the key to the door, you can always get or call a professional locksmith.

He will have proper knowledge, training, and experience in solving your door problem. He’ll unlock the door for you, and you will save time.


How to unlock a bathroom door from the outside. The problem related to opening the hatch is not impossible to solve. It might cause you to panic at that time, but if you think and calm down, you can find a proper way to unlock it.

If you do not want to do it yourself, you can check the last method of calling a professional.

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