How to disassemble a price pfister bathroom faucet

How to disassemble a price pfister bathroom faucet. Unscrewing the handle and then unscrewing the base will answer your question of Hoe to disassemble a Price Pfister bathroom faucet. This is how I opened mine, and hopefully, you can do it too.

After facing this problem, I asked my plumber friend to tell me the way to do and the trick he told me is the one presented in this article.

The best way and supposedly easiest way for removing or opening the faucet is written in this article. And material related to this is also mentioned.

How to disassemble a price pfister bathroom faucet

disassemble a price pfister bathroom faucet

Simply first, we need to do is check the screws. Match their size and get a screwdriver. Now we need to open the whole thing. So, using the screwdriver you got, start opening the screws.

You need to move in a counterclockwise direction such that the screws are removed from the handle.

There is a toughness in it. You can always use a towel to wrap around it and then, with a wrench, provide leverage.

Carefully so that there is no damage. It will be a bit easy to move once you have moved it a bit. Now you can take it off slowly.

Let’s start disassembling the faucet parts in part and step by step and learn how to do it.

Turning water off

There are valves supply that is located under the sink. They supply water to the tank. You need to stop or turn them off so that water doesn’t come out from them when you are dismantling them. Do this by moving the handle.

After doing this, you should place a towel on the sink. This is to save it from scratches and other damage. This will also catch the screws and other small parts.

Removing cap/plug

Next is removing the handle. There is always a button, cap, or plug present on top of the handle. Depends on the company as to how he made it.

Get it off from there. Pull it up or push it up from the side. There can be screws, too, so look at it.

Removing handle

removing handle

Now, as you have taken the cap or whatever it was off the handle. You will see visible screws. The screws you now see are the ones that are holding the handle.

Now you need to remove them from the handle. Check the screws and use the screwdriver to unscrew them.

Now, when you are done with that, you need to pull the handle up or you need to pry it off. It will come off easily, so do not damage it with force.

Cartridge Stem

After removing the handle, you’ll see that there is a cartridge stem present below it. It is actually held by the retaining ring. It keeps it steady.

So when you want to remove the cartridge stem, you need to free it from the retaining ring. To do so, you need pliers. Use the pliers to pull the retaining ring and take it straight out.

Spout removal

Now comes the spout after you have removed the other. See that there are no other parts in it. Now you can remove the spout if it has screws remove them.

But that is not going to happen. If it is tight, use a wrench; otherwise, just push it off and it will be removed as well.

Now only the body is left. You can remove the nuts under the sink from the pipes that are connected to the body and just take it off from there. You will need to use slight force, as it might be a bit stuck.

Remember to keep the parts you remove in a proper place so you won’t have a problem while you reassemble it later. You have now disassembled your faucet, and you can do whatever you want with it. You can repair it.


How to disassemble a price pfister bathroom faucet. The faucet I showed you to remove is one of the many types. All the types have different methods for disassembling them.

It will depend on the brand and not just on that, but on the model of the manufacturing. You will see that the problems in them vary from each other as well.

It is better to read the guide that comes with these things. You will at least lay an outline so you can dismantle it yourself. You can also get a professional or just take some tips from him.

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