Shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on

Shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on. The basic work of the vacuum brush roll is to deeply clean the dust from the carpet. The most common reason behind the shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not being on is that it is overheated due to continuous usage of the vacuum.

If you see that the machine is very hot, then switch off it for some time to let it cool down. If you have a vacuum cleaner with a brush roll, then you will have information about the functioning of the red and green lights.

The red light turns on when the machine is working properly, while the green lights turn on when there is some issue with it, like the vacuum is overheating, but what if no light on the vacuum is on?

Sometimes it is due to the breaking of the vacuum cleaner belt.

The light also turns off when the debris is gathered in the brush roll. In this article, I have discussed my research behind this issue.

Shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on

shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on

It is a very disgusting station when you have a lot of dust on the carpet and floor, but the vacuum cleaner starts malfunctioning.

One of the issues which can occur to the machine is that its brush roll indicator light is not on. The indicator light is very important because it tells the current state of the vacuum.

Following are some of the causes behind this issue; you can troubleshoot easily by these steps.

The brush roll is stuffed

It is a spinning brush that is attached to the vacuum suction head. You know that the main purpose of the brush roll is to suck the dust and hours from the carpet.

Sometimes when a lot of hairs are stuffed in, it then gets jammed. When it sweeps the hairs from the carpet, then these hairs are tangled inside the vacuum cleaner.

If a lot of hair is stuffed in the brush roll, then it stops moving. You will have to remove the brush roll from the suction head and then remove all the hairs stuffed in it.

After removing the hairs, refix it to the suction head, and then start the vacuum to test whether your problem is solved or not.

The nozzle is wrongly connected

Sometimes the nozzle of the cleaner is also responsible for the shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not being on. The main job of the nozzle is to deliver power to the brush roll.

If it is wrongly connected or it is loose, then the brush roll will not do its work due to lack of power.

Line the spout with a suction head and press it gently onto the head. If still, the brush roll is not working, then check the place where the nozzle and suction head meet each other.

If there is some dust, then clean that place completely. If this was the cause, then it would make a difference in fixing the issue.

The motor of vacuum cleaner is overheating

the motor of vacuum cleaner is overheating

There are two electric motors fixed in the vacuum cleaner. One motor is for the fan, which generates the power suction, while the second motor operates the brush roll with the help of the drive belt.

If any of the motors stop working, then the indicator light will switch off because the light tells the position of the vacuum.

Normally the motors are failed when they are overheated. There are different reasons for the overheating of the motor.

The suction motor heats up due to a clog on the filter or hose and due to the overload of dust and debris in the vacuum bag.

The machine has to pull more force due to blockage in these parts. That’s why it heats up and eventually failed to do work.

You will have to remove all clogs in the hose and filter to let the airflow from the pipe easily.

Talking about the brush roll motor, it is overheated when the brush roll is blocked with hairs and is jammed. It also heats up when the drive belt is broken.

You will have to repair it so that the motor starts working again.


The final thoughts of this article are that the basic purpose of the indicator light is to tell the position of the vacuum cleaner.

If the shark vacuum brush roll indicator light is off, then it means something is wrong, and it demands repairing.

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