Shark navigator brush roll not working

Shark navigator brush roll not working. Some people really on vacuums for cleaning and when you go to buy a vacuum that stays for a longer time, people usually prefer Shark Vacumes to clean their houses.

If you are also using Shark vacuums then you know the frustration that occurs and if you are relying on vacuums regarding cleaning and right between the work, its navigating brush stops rolling out then this is surely going to be a frustrating part.

If you went through such a situation and now you are roaming to search for a solution, or even if you are thinking to call a professional.

Then we will surely ask you to stop because professionals will vacuum a heavy amount out of your pocket for the very simple task that you can do it at home.

If you are someone whose shark navigator brush is also not spinning then we are going to tell you why this is happening with the vacuum and we will also talk in detail about their solution.

Shark navigator brush roll not working

shark navigator brush roll not working


If you want to check the actual reason, your shark Vacuum navigator brush stops spinning.

Then we will help you to identify such problems along with their solutions so that you can prevent yourself from getting your shark navigator brush again.

Basic identification Method

  • Vacuum is not sucking up dirt: If your vacuum is not sucking up enough dirt then it means that there is not enough power in the navigator left that it can spin out the brush, so that is the reason that the shark navigator brush stops spinning.
  • Examine out Brush Roll Indicator: Some shark vacuums have a brush rolls indicator, examine that indicator and check if it is properly working or not because the indicator will show up through its lights that it is spinning or not.
  • Shark Vacuum Starts Ejecting: If your shark vacuum starts ejecting dirt from the surface without any clear reasons, then that means that it stops spinning, and you have to clear this problem out.

Reason 1: Nozzle through Floor is easy-going

Sometimes the floor nozzle can loosen up and not stay tightly with the handle, and it causes it to lose.  And loosening the nozzle will stop the navigator from spinning properly, and the navigator will be stuck and will not spin.

To set this problem, you have to detach the nozzle and, after detaching, check if something is sticking with the nozzle head or handle.

Because if you are a pet owner, then it is more than possible that pet hairs can get stuck with the nozzle or with the handle; first, you have to remove these hairs or any dirt with the wired brush.

Then you can simply attach the nozzle again with the handle and make sure it is tight. This process will surely be going to help you so that your shark navigator can start working again.

Reason 2: Brush Roll is Blocked

brush roll is blocked

If you are the owner of a pet, then you know the hurdles that come because of their hair.

If you use shark vacuums to pick out the pet hair, then it is mostly possible that pet hair can get stuck with the brush roll.

Content rolling up of hair around the brush roll can block it, and if the brush roll of Shark Vaccum will stop then.

Reason 3: Overloaded Dust Cap

This is a trick that if you start your cleaning with an empty dust cap, then it is going to clean more effectively, and if you start cleaning with dust, then you will see the difference that your shark vacuum will not clean as effectively as it should. You can perform this test at home as well.

If something like pet hair gets into the dust cap and the dust cap gets overloaded because of pet hair or dust, then it is going to lock the shark navigator, and then the locked navigator brush will not move or spin.

If you want to get rid of such a problem, then you have to remove the dust or hair from your pet. You can remove those hairs with the help of scissors or blades.

But you have to be careful while cutting these hairs so that the hose doesn’t get damaged, so it is important to clean out the dust cap before using it.  Empty the dust cap because an overloaded dust cap will cause many problems.

Reason 4: Hose is broken

Check if your hose is broken or not because a broken hose will not let the navigator round away; examine if the hose of the shark navigator is totally worn out, then replace it with a new one so that your shark navigator starts spinning again.

Reason 5: Impaired Belt

Some old models of sharks use belts to navigate and to move the navigator. If your shark vacuum has that belt, then you have to check up on the belt that if it is working or not.

If your belt is not broken, then you don’t have to even touch it. And if the belt of the shark navigator is impaired or damaged, then it is recommended that you replace the belt with the new one.


Shark navigator brush roll not working. If you are using a new model of the shark navigator, then you don’t have to look up a belt.

If you feel stuck anytime, then it is recommended to call a shark helpline or call for professional help.

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