My shark vacuum won’t turn on

My shark vacuum won’t turn on. You have a few places to clean up, and suddenly your shark vacuum stop working and won’t turn on.

It’s surely going to be frustrating because, like every other machine, the shark vacuum also needs routine maintenance.

Shark vacuums are very useful equipment that is so convenient for vacuuming because of their durable technology. But still, they can get malfunctioned and need proper maintenance.

If your shark vacuum won’t turn on and you are thinking of hiring a plumber, then stop because we want to prevent you from a plumber who will drain a heavy amount of money for a simple task that you can surely do yourself.

But you can’t do it all by yourself; you need proper instructions and need to follow a proper identification method. If you are looking for it, then, fortunately, you are at the right place.

In this article, we are going to give you some steps and instructions that you can follow up on and can fix this problem.

My shark vacuum won’t turn on

my shark vacuum won't turn on

Issue 1: Power Socket

The most common reason for your not working Vaccum cleaner could be your power socket.

Maybe you haven’t attached the vacuum cleaner with the power socket properly, and due to this, power is not supplying consistently to the vacuum, and it is not turning on.


  • Push the power plug so that it can connect with the power socket properly. Or you can try to unplug the power and then again plug it in the socket so that you can assure that plug is connected tightly.
  • Try plugging other sockets to check if they are working properly on that switch or not, like you can put up your phone on charge and check if its charging or not; if your phone is charging, then it means that there is nothing wrong with the power switch and you have to check up on the vacuum because the problem lies there.

Issue 2: Dirt Blockage

Sometimes the problem is this simple dirt blockage can block the vacuum, and the vacuum won’t turn on because of dirt that is blocking the way to the socket and cant provide electricity blockage.


You can simply clean the vacuum cleaner with a blow dryer, or you can detach it, and then you can clean the garbage disposal by removing all the dirt stored in it. And then turn it on again.

Issue 3: Vacuum Switch control

The next thing that can cause the malfunction of the shark vacuum cleaner is the vacuum switch control.

If something goes wrong with the vacuum switches, then the best way to identify this problem is to check if the lights are turning on or not.

If lights are turning on and the vacuum cleaner is not getting started, then possibly there is a problem with the switch.

And on the other hand, if the switch is turning on a vacuum motor and is playing a role in not letting the shark vacuum cleaner turn on, then you should pay attention to the motor.


If your vacuum lights are on and the switch is not, then try to ask the shark vacuum manufacturer to replace your switch with the exact match with your Shark vacuum model.

Issue 4: The motor of Vaccum

If the motor of the vacuum is turning off whenever you switch the vacuum cleaner, then there is clearly a problem with the motor of your vacuum, and there are several ways that you can follow to set up the motor of the vacuum.


  • The first step that you can take is to detach and remove the motor from the vacuum and check up on which part is faulty. After identifying the faulty part of the motor, then try to fix it, and if you feel stuck anytime, then it is recommended to call a shark helpline so that they can assist you properly according to their recommendations.
  • You can reset the motor by switching off the vacuum cleaner and then check if something is wrong with the vacuum I; if it is clogged clean it and then turn the shark vacuum clean and then start the motor again.

Issue 5: Batteries of vacuum

If you are using Vaccum with no batteries, then make sure to charge the batteries before starting your cleaning process because if your batteries don’t work, then you have to stop your work in between, and this is going to be hurdling stuff for you.


Charge your batteries. And it is recommended to take up an alternative battery so that you can use the other batteries when one stops working.

You can replace the batteries if they are not working properly, and you can call the shark manufacturer or at shark helpline so that they can assist your further.


My shark vacuum won’t turn on. If your vacuum cleaner is not working and not turning on then we have provided a guide in which you can identify the problems and then you can fix the problem as well.

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