Shark ion robot troubleshooting

Shark ion robot troubleshooting. Shark ion robots are on top regarding choice because they provide the same features as any other high-end vacuum cleaner provides in a higher money range.

So people prefer Shark ion robots to those highly expensive vacuums. But they can be disturbed and you have to troubleshoot the problem to get into it.

If your Shark ion vacuum is not working then you have to troubleshoot the problem and after identifying the problem.

If you are thinking to call the professionals, then stop, because professionals will drain the money out of your wallet for doing something very simple that you can do it yourself at home.

In this article, we are going to give you a quick guide that how you can troubleshoot the problem, identify it, and then its solution.

Shark ion robot troubleshooting

shark ion robot troubleshooting

The stem of a lot of problems related to the shark ion robot can be solved by simply resetting it.

That is recommended by a lot of tech persons that resetting your shark ion robot to factory data can solve tons of problems related to it.

When you witness problems like your shark ion robot is having a problem with cellular wifi connections

If you feel like there is something wrong with the software then you have to solve these problems by simply resetting it.

Here is the list of the few problems that you can check to decide whether you have to reset it or not.

  • The Shark ion robot is having a problem with the connection to the Toni network.
  • Any sort of Software Issue
  • deletion of scheduled routine on Shark ion robot
  • Shark ion robot is not doing its cleaning job properly.

If your shark ion robot is going through such problems then you have to reset it, and if you are wondering how you can reset it then here are a few steps that you can follow up and can easily reset the Shark ion Vaccum.

2 Ways

  1. Resetting through app
  2. Resetting through Shark ion robot

Way 1: Factory Resetting through the app

This is the most efficient and convenient way of resetting your factory reset shark ion robot by not even touching it.

All you have to do is connect your phone to the same wifi that is connected to the shark ion robot. Then relax on your couch and open the app.

After opening the app, go lookup for the setting options for the shark ion robot and lookup for the option of factory data reset, and then simply reset your shark ion robot by simply tapping on the reset option, and you’re done.

Way 2: Factory reset through Shark Ion Robot

factory reset through shark ion robot

This is way easier than the previous method. People prefer this method when they are unable to connect to the app with the same wifi. When they can not connect to the same wifi, then it is recommended to use this method.

To start the process, grab your shark ion robot and locate the switch that turns ON and turns off the Shark ion robot vacuum and then press that button for almost 10 to 15 seconds until you feel that it is completely turned off.

Then wait for a few minutes, and then after a couple of minutes, turn the shark ion robot vacuum on, and you’re done resetting your factory data.

Problem 1: Having problems with the batteries

If your shark ion robot is having a problem with the batteries, then it is recommended to check the source of power that you are getting power from and make sure that the charging cable is plugged properly and the source that is providing current is fully on or not.

After you are done checking up on the power supply that is plugged properly, then you have to check up on the battery because there could be something wrong with the battery.

Check if the battery is holding at the charge time after getting fully charged, then, it is time to replace the battery.


Replace the battery.

Problem 2:  Showing up Error Codes

If your shark ion robot is showing up with error codes, then try to solve them with the drop-down guide. There are a lot of error codes, but the most common 5 error codes are listed below.

Error 1: Bumper Flashing blue light

Move your robot freely to check if it is properly working or not, and if it is properly roaming freely, then there is no problem, but if its front bumper gets stuck, then it is reporting an error by showing up blue light.

This happens with the help of a sensor attached to the first wheel.

Error 2: Lights Flashing Blue

lights flashing blue 

If your clean lights are flashing blue, then try to clean the wheel by removing it.

Error 3: 2 buttons of “Dock” and “Spot” blinking together at a time

If 2 buttons are blinking together at a time, it is because of stuckness in the front brush roll, and you need to remove the obstacles disturbing the brush roll.

Error 4: “Dock” and “Spot” buttons blinking one after one

If they are blinking one after another, then there is something wrong with the side brushes. try to unclog the dirt debris so that they can work

Error 5: Clean button blinks red light

If the clean button is blinking red light, then it is clearly because of the removal of the dust bin. Reinstall the dust bin, and then your shark ion robot will start working again.


Shark ion robot troubleshooting. If you are having problems with the Shark ion robot then you need a proper guide to troubleshoot the problem in the above article.

We have listed a few problems and their solutions that you can look up and troubleshoot the Shark ion Robot.

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