Shark robot vacuum making loud noise

Shark robot vacuum making loud noise. The vacuum pump is used to remove the dust and dirt from the room. It has a very powerful sucking system through which it sucks all the dust fo the carpet surface and also from the noncarpet surface like the floor.

Normally it does not make a loud noise, and you can operate it without disturbing others, but sometimes it starts making a loud noise due to some troubleshooting in it.

If it is making a loud noise, then, first of all, observe that is is it the normal noise of a vacuum or if its noise is louder and out of order.

Well, if it starts making a louder noise, then it means that air is leaking and is making a noise like whistling and whooshing.

It also makes a loud noise when there is a clogged hose. You will have to clean all the pipes before starting to vacuum again.

Shark robot vacuum making a loud noiserobot vacuum making loud noise

A Shark robot vacuum is a very good thing to have for dusting but is very important to keep its hose clean and remove the dust from the vacuum bag so that it works properly.

It normally starts making noise louder when its filter becomes dirty. Let’s find the reasons why the shark robot vacuum makes a loud noise.

The filter of the vacuum is dirty

It is better to change the filter after 6 months because, with time, due to sucking more dirt, it becomes dirty and it starts making noise.

When the filter becomes dirty, then it will be difficult for dust to pass through and will start making loud noise due to less space.

Clogged in the hose

If the hose of the vacuum is clogged, then it will start making a noise like whistling. Dust will not drain through it because of blockage in it due to various things like a coin or hairballs that can block the hose.

Its solution is that detach the hose from the cleaner and remove all the clogs from inside and re-install. You will observe that now after clearing the clogged, the cleaner is not making a louder noise.

Debris inside the tube

Sometimes the vacuum starts making a noise like a lawnmower. It is due to the large debris which is blocking the tube.

If there are other materials like stones or a large amount of dust in the tube, then they will make noise on the bounce, so when you listen to a sound like this, then stop the cleaner and remove all the material from the tube.

Twisting of roller brushes

If a banging sound starts coming when you are vacuuming the carpet, then it might be due to the twisting of roller brushes.

In most the cleaner it is a function that you can switch off the roller, and as a result, the noise will not come now, but it is not a permanent solution.

If you want to get rid of this kind of noise permanently, then first separate the brushes from the cleaner and pull out the thing which is stuck on them.

Blockage of airflow

If there is blockage of airflow in the hose or canister of the vacuum, then it makes a lot of noise. Cleaners depend on airflow to inhale the dust.

If there is any clog in the airflow, then it will minimize the suction ability, and a screeching sound will produce. For reducing this noise, clear the clog in the hose for clear passing of airflow.

The fan is brokenthe fan is broken

The fan is an important part of the shark vacuum cleaner. It stops the machine from overheating. If you continuously use it, then the dust will go through the motor and gather on the fan.

Due to this dust fan of the machines is damaged and a louder sound will start coming out of the unit. If the fan is broken, then take your machine to an expert and replace the fan.


It is good to have a Shark vacuum cleaner for dusting. But its proper maintenance is very necessary otherwise louder sound will start coming out of it due to many reasons like blockage of airflow or the filter of the machine becomes dirty etc.

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