Samsung tv not recognizing hdmi input

Samsung tv not recognizing hdmi input. TVs are a part of every home that has widespread benefits. Everyone who uses tv becomes an addict to it.

When we get addicted to something, then we want to look for more convenience in that thing.

After the grand times of TV, it was about showing recorded streaming in a black and white resolution. Now we want innovations.

When we talk about Samsung TVs, they come with many possible features and tools.

But some of the old Samsung models don’t have ala lot of functions. It would help if you had an HDMI cable to add different options to your Samsung tv.

But if your HDMI starts glitching, it will surely be a frustrating process.

The most common problem with the HDMI is that it stops recognizing HDMI inputs. To set the problem, you must fix the Samsung tv, HDMI ports, and other external devices.

If you don’t know how to check when you don’t have to worry much because we have listed troubleshooting causes and their solutions so you can start streaming your favorite series with enhanced features.

Samsung tv not recognizing hdmi input

Compatibility Issue

Sometimes when an HDMI input device works totally out of order, it is more than possible that the problem persists in the different external devices.

Some devices are not compatible with HDMI use.

This problem often persists with people with older Samsung TVs.

If you have an older version of the Samsung tv and the HDMI cable you are using has the latest version, then they are not compatible with each other.

So make sure that whenever you buy an HDMI, buy the one compatible with your Samsung tv.

Disconnected power source

disconnected power source

First and the most common thing that you have to do is to check the power source.

Sometimes when we feel like a problem is complicated, some problems are asked for a little examination.

So you must have to check the power source because the power source that we use may get interrupted Or disconnected.

To check it, you must check whether the socket and the plug you are using that cable are properly connected.

The next thing you can do is change the Power supply connection. Use another power source or plug your phone into the source to attach the HDMI.

If your phone starts charging, the problem lies in the cable.

And if your phone is not putting up on the charge, it indicates that the problem lies in your power socket.

Changing the power source would be the best decision to retrain the connection.

Interrupted Input source

interrupted input source

The input source is the most important thing to pay attention to.

Sometimes, you connect your external device with the Samsung tv through an HDMI cable.

Then you have to select the input source in proper order.

If this feels confusing, let’s mate it clear with an example for your better understanding if you attach any gaming consoles with the Samsung tv through HDMI cable.

Then you have to choose the related source, Like HDMI one or two.

This problem mainly occurs with the old Samsung tv models because they don’t come with the auto-pairing up and selecting with the input source.

If you have the latest model of the Samsung tv, you have to skip this cause Samsung because the new model of Samsung TVs comes with auto pairing and connection.

Loose connection Between tv and HDMI cable

loose connection between tv and hdmi cable

If your Samsung tv does not recognize HDMI input, the reason could lie in the loose connection between the tv and HDMI port.

Sometimes when we attach our Samsun tv cables to the tv, their connection may get loose.

This could happen because the infants around that cable get disconnected from the port. Or from the tv port.

So it is recommended to disconnect the cable from the power socket or try a different cable using a different port.

After disconnecting, try to connect the cable again so that that connection can retrain to its original position. Or you can reconnect the HDMI cable
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Sequence shuffling issue

sequence shuffling issue

If your Samsung tv does not recognize HDMI input and devices are not connected, the problem could lie in the world sequence.

Try a proper sequence while installing your port using the correct source.

After fixing the Samsung shuffling issue, your device will start acting normally.

If this doesn’t work, then for further assistance, we recommend you t request a repair service.

Software updates

software updates

If your Samsung tv does not recognize HDMI input, it could possibly indicate that the software of the Samsung tv is asking for an update.

Outdated software will not recognize the HDMI port at any cost. So you have to update your Samsung tv.

After updating, the chances of vanishing the problem are present.

If you don’t know how to update the software, then don’t worry, as the process is pretty simple. Follow the easy steps and start the process of a Samsung tv software update.

  • Turn on your tv and drop on the icon of SETTING.
  • From the setting, you can drag on the option of SUPPORT.
  • From the option of SUPPORT, a drop-down menu will appear. Select SOFTWARE UPDATE from the menu.

After these steps, your Samsung tv will start updating. And after waiting for a few minutes, you will be able to enjoy the updated version of your Samsung tv.

Well, if you don’t want to update by yourself, then you can turn on the option of automatically updating. You simply have to follow the steps down below.

  • From your Samsung smart tv, select the option of SETTINGS.
  • From the option of Settings, select SUPPORT.
  • After clicking on the support, a drop-down menu will appear from the menu selections on the SOFTWARE UPDATE.
  • From the menu, highlight the option of AUTO UPDATE. Turn that option ON.

You can follow these steps to automatically update your Samsung smart tv.

Factory reset Samsung smart TVs

factory reset samsung smart tvs

When Samsung tv does not recognize HDMI input, factory resetting will fix the problems.

Most Samsung TVs ask for factory resetting because bugs make their way into them.

If you don’t know the factory reset process, you can follow the most straightforward steps below.

  • Open SETTINGS from your Samsung tv.
  • Select the option of GENERAL.
  • After clicking on the GENERAL, click o the RESET Button.
  • When you click on the RESET button, the reset pin will input option will appear.
  • If you don’t know the reset pin, the default pin is 0000.
  • Insert 0000 in the input menu.
  • Then select RESET and click on the RESET click on OK to end the process.

You can follow these easy steps to factory reset your Samsung tv, which will fix the problem of the tv not recognizing HDMI input.

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Replacing HDMI cable

replacing hdmi cable

If your HDMI cable is not connecting properly with the Samsung smart tv, then the solution also lies in replacing them.

HDMI ports and cables can get damaged because of many reasons.

Bent Plug

Sometimes, due to our carelessness, a plug of the cable can be bent down after staying bent for the longest time.

Bent Wire

When we install the HDMI with e Samsung, we have to make a proper cable box to organize the cable and other TV cables.

If we will not do so, the wires will get bent and will create plenty of problems.

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Exposed Wirings

As we have described earlier, when installing an cable with your Samsung tv, use an appropriate cable box to set the wiring because the cable box will prevent the wires from getting burnt.

When we install a new device, all the cables in the cable box can get bent and burnt. It is also possible that when all the wires get tangled and untangling, then untangling. Wiring can get exposed and burnt.

In that case, using different cables will most possibly fix the Samsung tv.


If you are having an issue with the Samsung tv that is not recognizing HDMI, then you have to troubleshoot different problems.

The most common problems that can lead to glitching in the connection of HDMI port and Samsung tv is damaged HDMI cable, losing HDMI signal, interrupted digital signals, and interruption through other devices using different ports.

If you do not consider this problem, your tv will show different error messages. We also have lited solutions to help your home recognize my Samsung tv.

I hope this guide will help you troubleshoot the problem because self-diagnosis will help you save time and money.

But if you feel stuck anytime, we recommend you request a repair service to start streaming on high definition media interface. But we are sure that this article will fix your problem.

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