Peacock not working on samsung tv

Peacock not working on samsung tv. There is no doubt that Samsung is the most popular tv brand in the world due to its multiple functions and features.

In the latest Samsung tv models, you can download various social and live-streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon prime video, Youtube, and Peacock, for entertainment.

Peacock is a popular app because you can watch old and new media content on it.

Many users complain that the app stops working suddenly on their Samsung tvs. Last month, I was watching an interesting tv show, but suddenly, my peacock app stopped working.

It was very dishearting and annoying for me because the show was completely at its climax. I immediately searched for the possible causes of this issue on the internet.

The first thing to check when any smart tv app stop working is the internet disconnected from the modem.

Several other causes are also accountable for this issue, like Incompatibility, full cache memory, use of the wrong VPN, and peacock server down in the area. Keep reading for all troubleshooting tips.

Peacock not working on samsung tv

There is no doubt Peacock app is famous worldwide among Samsung tv users because you can watch different tv shows and films on this app.

But it’s also tiring to see apps not streaming or suddenly stops working due to unfamiliar reason. A fast and stable internet connection is very necessary for using on Samsung tv.

Peacock app stops working due to pending software updates, cache memory full, and sometimes due to software glitches in Samsung tv. Let’s check the troubleshooting tips to fix the problem.

Restart your Samsung tv and routerrestart your samsung tv and router

If the app is not working on your Samsung smart tv, then don’t fret because it’s a minor issue and sometimes happens due to minor software glitches.

So, your first step to resolve the problem is restarting your Samsung tv and internet router. Power off both your devices and remove their power cables from the respective power outlets for a few seconds.

Switch on the Samsung tv and internet router and wait for a few seconds again for internet signals.

Launch your app and test whether the media is buffering or not. If the problem is not solved, then read the next points one by one.

Low internet speed

A fast and stable internet connection is important to stream the app on samsung tv. Check the modem’s internet connection if your app is not working.

If you have connected your Samsung tv with an internet modem through wifi signals, then ensure the modem is placed close to the router for a strong wifi signal connection.

Peacock apps need a minimum of 5mbps speed for live streaming movies and shows.

If your internet speed is less than 5mbps, you may face different apps that stop working on your Samsung tv. Move the router close to the samsung tv if you have connected your tv through wifi signals.

If more than five smart devices are connected with one modem, then it will also decrease the internet speed, and some apps will stop working.

So, when you plan to watch a movie or show on the app, then close the background apps and other smart devices to run the app smoothly without any interference.

Test whether other apps are working or not. If other social apps like Whatsapp or Youtube are working efficiently, then it means there is an issue with the app only.

However, if other smart devices are not working, then call your ISP to repair the internet connection.

Update Peacock appupdate peacock app

Updating all apps is very necessary for smart devices to keep your smart device up to date. If you ignore the pending update on your app, then you will not be able to download the latest software version in your app.

So, if its suddenly stops working, then open your tv Play Store and check if there are any pending updates.

If any latest software update is available, then click the update button to download the latest features in your peacock app. After updating the app, launch it to test whether it is running. Samsung tv not recognizing sound bar

Use an ethernet cable

Since ethernet cables are not connected to smartphones but they can be connected to Samsung tvs from a router fast network connection.

Internet speed decreases through wifi signals, but if you connect the ethernet cable with a modem, you can run the app without any issues.

Clear cache memoryclear cache memory

Cache memory is the temporary data stored on the app, and it’s compulsory to keep clearing the cache memory because if the cache memory is full, then the peacock app will not smoothly.

Similarly, clearing the unnecessary app data is also important if the Peacock is not running on tv.

    1. Navigate to the menu settings on your tv.
    2. Click Apps
    3. Locate Peacock app
    4. Choose Storage
    5. Click Clear Cache
    6. Clear Data

Try successfully signing in to the app after clearing the data and cache memory.

Reinstall the Peacock app

If clearing the cache memory and data does not help you and you still have trouble signing into the app, then reinstall the app.

First, uninstall the app from the apps play store and download it again to install the app. Install the app on your Samsung tv and sign into your account to watch your favorite media content.

Update your Samsung tv software

Just like all apps, its all necessary to update your tv software because if you do not update your tv, then new features and functions will not download in the tv to run the latest apps.

Normally, Samsung tvs are updated automatically, but there is an option for manually updating the tv. So, if your samsung tv is not updating by itself, then manually update your device and try to sign in to the Peacock app.


The bottom line of the article is that if you are experiencing trouble with your Peacock app not working on a Samsung tv, then it is not a big problem because it happens due to minor issues.

In this article, I discussed almost all solutions to run the Peacock app on your Samsung tv. So, follow all the steps and instructions and resolve your issue. Airplay not working on samsung tv